Hunting down those pesky lionfish

With the assistance of Foster’s Food Fair, the Cayman Islands Tourism Association’s water sports operators are tackling the invasive red lionfish with a vengeance.

Dozens of lionfish are removed from Cayman’s reefs on each culling dive, helping to keep the population of this species in check. The lionfish then make their way to Foster’s Food Fair, where members of the public can buy the fish fresh at the seafood counter and taste for themselves how delicious lionfish can be.

A portion of the monies received from the sale of the lionfish at the Foster’s locations will go back into supporting more lionfish culling dives.

Unless otherwise noted, each dive costs $10 per person.

Forthcoming dates:

Saturday, 21 July

9am: Divers Down (contact 945-1611)

Saturday, 28 July

7.45am: Ocean Frontiers, 3 tank dive (contact 947-7500) $20 per person

1.15pm: Divetech in West Bay (contact 946-5658)

2pm: Tortuga Divers at Morritt’s East End (contact 947-2097)

Sunday, 29 July

9am: Red Sail Sports at Grand Cayman Beach Suites, 2 tank dive (contact 949-8745) $20 per person

Saturday, 18 August

9am: Divers Down (contact 945-1611)

Sunday, 19 August

1.15pm: Divetech in West Bay (contact 946-5658)