‘One man’ passes, but not officially

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Despite that significant majority of Cayman Islands voters backing the ‘one man, one vote’ referendum question, the “yes” votes were not enough to achieve the “magic number” of 7,582 needed to legally bind the government to enact the single member district voting system.

With all the votes counted in North Side, East End, Cayman Brac-Little Cayman, West Bay, Bodden Town and George Town; the vote tallies were roughly 65 per cent saying “yes” to the referendum and supporting ‘one man, one vote’. Around 35 per cent of those voting districts said “no” to the question.

The only voting district to reject the referendum question was West Bay.

In George Town, 2,360 “yes” votes were recorded compared to 993 “no” votes: 70 per cent in favour of the referendum question.

In East End, 257 voters said “yes” and 79 said “no”; a 76 per cent majority in favour of the referendum.

In North Side, 335 voters said “yes” and 56 said “no” to the referendum; nearly an 86 per cent majority in favour.

In Cayman Brac, the vote was closer; 256 voters said “yes” and 203 voted “no”; a 56 per cent majority in favour of ‘one man, one vote’.

Results for West Bay that came in later in the evening had voters there narrowly rejecting the referendum question with 1,027 “yes” votes to 1,053 “no” votes with all the precincts counted. The ‘yes’ votes only got 49 per cent in West Bay.

In Bodden Town, there were 1,396 “yes” votes and 617 “no” votes; a 69 per cent majority for the ‘one man’ supporters.

While numbers were encouraging for supporters of the referendum, the turnout on Wednesday’s balloting was not.

The final vote count was 8,677 votes cast in total, including postal and mobile ballots. That’s about a 57 per cent turnout.

According to the elections office, 8,118 voters had turned up at the polls between 7am and 6pm Wednesday. Added to that were 293 mobile voters and a few hundred postal ballots.

The number is significant for the referendum. It means that at least 7,582 people voted – the minimum number of “yes” votes or “no” votes that would have to be received for the ‘one man, one vote’ referendum to be binding on government. That number represents 50 per cent plus one of all eligible voters in the Cayman Islands.

However, with just more than 8,600 of 15,161 possible votes cast, either side of the issue would have had to obtain somewhere around 90 per cent favourable votes to win the day. Since they did not, the referendum will be considered only “advisory” to government.

In the end, the “yes” votes comprised only 37 per cent of registered voters while “no” votes made up just 20 per cent of registered voters.

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Ballot box arrives at the Family Life Centre.
Photo: Norma Connolly.


  1. National total stands at 5631 yes, 3001 voted no, 45 spoiled, 6,484 no by no show. Total NO votes is therefore 9,485. A resounding No.

  2. Should not another take on the turnoout have been considered? To wit: The total number of votes exceeds the 50% threshold, since there were 1050 votes more than 50% of the registered voters. As well, should anyone in Government not be mindful of the fact that nearly two thirds of those persons who considered this important issue and undertook their civic duty to vote cast ballots in favor of the issue. It would seem that only a bare majority of ballots cast even in the Government stronghold area of West Bay were in favor, whilst the issue easily passed with significant majorities in every other district. To ignore the wishes of the voting public and to deny the redistricting along single member district lines certainly should place the current Government in great jeopardy in the next election.

  3. Congratulations to the OMOV initiative. This is a very good result for democracy in this country.

    Those trying to suggest otherwise need to understand both that not voting counts for nothing and that this was a referendum under section 69 of the Constitution and not a people-initiated referendum under section 70. Despite what the government is suggesting, the Constitution does not require a 50% plus one of the registered voters for a section 69 referendum. That is an artificial barrier put in place by a government that does not want things to change. The determination of Section 69 referendum results are based on the majority of those voting just like the 2009 Constitutional vote.

  4. A man and a woman once purchased a house together, the official signed agreement was 50/50 ownership.

    The woman went to a lawyer for advice in regard to registration of the property.
    The woman with assistance from her lawyer registered the land as follows.

    Half for Jane doe, and half for John Doe and Jane doe in perpetuity..

    The lawyer had given advice to her client to lie and in legal mumbo jumbo fooled? the people at Lands and survey, in an attempt to steal from the man in life and death.

    What does this have to do with the referendum? read joey comments again.

  5. Well done, my fellow Caymanians! A clear victory for OMOV despite the shenanigans of the government and its lackeys trying to confuse the voters about the issue. In any other country this result would have been binding on the government to introduce OMOV.

    I maintain my prediction that we will now not hear anymore from Mr. Solomon about a national vote as it was only a cynical effort to confuse voters about the referendum.

    @Tiger, 9,485 people did NOT vote no. 65% of those who voted voted yes. Some of those who did not vote were dead, others were confused by dishonest and mischievous rhetoric such as yours and didn’t know what to think, others were off the Island as it was the middle of the summer.

    If I were the government I would be very worried by this result.

    Onwards and upwards!

  6. Funny thing some people don’t understand that if a person didn’t vote, that doesn’t mean is a NO. There are many other reasons a person wouldn’t vote (vacations, or simply they don’t really care about these things).
    As Jose says,this is just part of a Government tactic, because you will never have 100% of people voting.
    Not all think the same, and some just like to sit down and watch things happen.

  7. In defense of the OMOV folks I do not believe it’s right to say that the folks that didn’t vote means a vote of NO. However it does seem to be a fact that people who didn’t bother to come out and Vote did not feel that a change to Single Member Constituency’s was important enough from them to take the time out to Vote which does mean they did not support a change at this point which mean the result is that only 5631 people of approximately 15,000 voters supported this change,

    These are the facts. Time to move on..

  8. Not casting a vote doesn’t mean you are happy with the current system. The lack of confidence in the people, no matter the system, has led many to not vote.
    Apathy kept voters away.

  9. BaBa Boom, I for one voted NO, But I can’t help but not noticed you repeating the same old argument about expats getting more political power. Could you at least provide a rational explanation on how that would be the case, because you are sounding more and more rediculous.

  10. Does anyone agree that demanding 50 percent plus one registered voters to vote ‘yes’ even though not all registered voters voted, is the same as not voting results in a ‘No’ vote?
    When you register to vote, you obtain the right to vote. Whether you excercise that right or not is up to you. By simply being unsure of the issue, the government in turn voted for you. Let me ask the government, if I did not vote, why did you take my vote? I have that right and I can do with it as I wish even if that means not voting at all. You took something that was not yours. That’s theft…

    @NJ2Cay – Just because every registered voter did not vote, does NOT mean that they thought that the referendum was not important. They could have simply been unsure of what they beleived in. If a man’s life was at stake and you did not know that facts behind the trial, would you vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to execute him? I don’t think you would want any part of it because you were unsure. The same stands for people who did not vote.

    All in all, the battle of the referendum may have been lost but the war is in our favor. I’m happy to say that the people of Cayman are finally take our island back. Simply having a referendum and seeing all the individual support and money spent on ads shows that the public is taking an active role the islands’ future. We are well on our way Cayman!

  11. The scenarios you mentioned about Haitians and Cubans taking over Miami and being able to elect their own officials, is more of an IMMIGRATION ISSUE and the easy path they have created for foreignors to get citizenship. It has little to do with ELECTORAL BOUNDARIES.

    Yes, Cayman Islands has more Expats than Caymanians – about 20,000 Caymanians and 35,000 Expats. But that does not mean that where they live, results in them being able to play apart in our government. It has to really do with our Immigration policies and who gets Cayman Status to be elible to vote and serve in government.

    So your argument that an electoral system will cause Expats to takeover our government, is barking up the wrong tree. You should be at our Immigration Law for allowing them to come here. Whether the one man one vote system had become law or not, it wouldn’t had done anything to the Immigration laws we have now.


  12. Put whatever twist on it you like Watersedge, but the bottom line is that the people that did not Vote chose not to come out and support this change at this time. The point I was trying to make is that I agree that not Voting does not constitute a NO Vote, but if you truly felt that this was a needed change and supported it you would have come out and Votes YES and saying that people were off island is not an excuse because there were options for postal and absentee voting.

    The referendum required 7582 votes to pass and everyone was aware of that. I am sure that the people who truly felt this was important were the ones that came out and voted, but although it was a great deal of people and showed that there is a great deal of support for OMOV unfortunately these 5631 votes do not represent the majority of the voting populous. Put whatever twist you want on it but these are the facts

    Maybe the PPM should start a campaign that will convince people that they are the better choice to run the country after the next election, so they can implement it themselves which is what they said they would do.

  13. One question I do have for all the political experts out there. Is the winner of the election that’s coming up next year based on the same type of results as this referendum was. Does the winner have to have the majority of the actual votes or the majority of registered voters ?

    The reason I am asking it this is because judging from the outcome of these votes which I think were more based on Party lines than anything. If the turnout is roughly the same and the UDP has to have the majority of actual votes, I am sure they are sweating bullets now..

  14. There is no twist NJ2Cay…

    All I am saying is that people are given the right to vote, not the obligation to vote. Being forced to vote like how this referendum was, is a dictatorship and not democracy. You were forced to vote because if you didn’t, then it indirectly counted as a ‘no.’ Ballots should be counted and based on the number of votes placed, not the amount of potential votes. It’s the law that’s flawed…

    If I give you 100, would you think it is right for me to force you to use that 100? I gave the money to you. You should be able to use it as you please. Same goes for voting. If I don’t want to vote, I shouldn’t be obligated to.

  15. However you want to put it, The fact still remains that the number of people who came out to support OMOV was not the majority which was required so the bottom line is that it was not proven that OMOV is the favored choice, whether it be they voted no or choose not to vote at all.

    I find it more likely that quite bit of people didn’t bother because it did not matter how many no votes there were if there were not enough yes votes. So essentially there was really no need to come out if your vote was no..

    If one individual decided to vote no and another decided not to vote because he wasn’t sure it was best for the country or it didn’t matter to him. The outcome is the same that these two people choose not to support OMOV.

    Not to downplay the fact that there are a lot of people that support it, unfortunately for them it’s just not enough.

  16. I have never in my life heard of anything so ridiculous and so unlawful as for a government to cast votes for people who did not manage to make it to the polls for one reason or another! When I first heard that a non-vote was going to be considered an automatic no vote, I thought I was hearing a false rumour. How on earth could a government decide for you what your vote should be? This is most certainly NOT the democratic way.

    In the next party election, if we do not vote, will it cast an automatic vote in favour of the UDP?? Do you think that it is a coincidence that West Bay was the only district that voted not in favour of One Man One Vote? An interesting follow-up would be to see what percentage of upcoming AL Thompson and Cox Lumber refrigerators are delivered to homes in West Bay as opposed to other districts.

    And do you suppose that it was only a coincidence that that the date for this referendum was set during the summer, at a time when many Caymanians are off-island on holiday? And let’s take this a step further. Who is easier to fool with misleading propaganda,a well-educated person or a more poorly educated person? And who is more likely to be able to afford a summer holiday overseas, a well-educated person or a less educated person?

    As Caymanians we must demand that our votes not be cast by the government!

  17. It never ceases to amaze me how people can put their own twist on things and start conspiracy theories and rumors to solidify their own positions. This idea of the government casting votes for people who did not come out is a perfect example. It all started from simple comments then turned into rumors and I’m sure it will eventually turn into a call for an Investigation from opponents of the current government.

    From what I read the total number of votes was something like 8632. 5631 people came out and votes yes and 3001 people came out and voted No, The total voting populous is something 15,000. Where is the that Government cast any votes for people that didn’t come out, which I do agree would be highly unlawful, I just do see where this happened here. Yes more people vote yes than no but the requirement to make a change 50% plus one of the voting populous. In my opinion people that didn’t vote were aware that if they didn’t come out to vote, they would not be showing support for a change to OMOV or else they would have gotten their vote in.

    I challenge anyone to put proof of this on the table, I will gladly eat my words if this is indeed true.

  18. There is no argument that can be brought by the proponents of this OMOV!
    Government has been very transparent in the entire process and to accuse government of any wrong doing is setting yourself up for charges brought to you for libeling and slandering government namely, the Supervisor and deputy supervisor of elections.I’m certain Mr. Gomez nearing retirement will not go out or go down by the malicious rumors and insinuations of a few little punks and punkesses using a few misled people voting yes to aid their hidden agenda.agenda

    You can’t beat city hall. The fat lady has already sang, get over it, and get over yourself!
    Move on.

  19. Everyone is forgetting that a no-show is a no-vote. This is overwhelmingly defeated. There is no victory for those in favor, quite the opposite.

    Also, did you happen to notice that you ticked off the women voters. It should have been one person, one vote. How far backwards are you morons. Have some respect for your constituents.

  20. @Bethinking. We are forgetting? lol. That is of course nonsense. A failure to vote is at best an abstention (assuming you are not dead). An abstention cannot be counted as either yes or no. The dead voters should also have been removed from the electoral register.

    I have not met one sensible female who was insulted by OMOV.

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