Barcadere expands reach

The Barcadere Marina has been associated with fishing in the Cayman Islands for some time and will now see a major development.

In November 2012, the marina will see the launch of the George Town Yacht Club. A new destination for boaters and non-boaters alike, it is currently under development at the end of North Sound Road, in George Town on Grand Cayman.

Yacht club developer Neville Scott spoke about the project.

“We are looking forward to hearing from interested parties and prospective members and receiving feedback on what we are planning or even what else needs to be included in order to make the yacht club Cayman’s first true yacht club, in the classic sense,” Scott said. “Our goal is to create a facility that will provide a full roster of events and activities for our members; very family oriented during the day and on weekends, but also more mature and vibrant on Friday and Saturday evenings and during special events.

“While there will be other benefits to yacht club membership, yet to be announced, access to the clubhouse and other on site facilities will be the basis on which it will all be centered.”

News of the yacht club comes as the local competitive angling scene is on its summer break. The Barcadere is a regular venue for fishing tournaments, serving as a weigh station for the most recent event, the Cayman Brac Jackpot, back in May.

Accessible by land or sea, and with parking for cars and boats, the yacht club will include a club house with a restaurant and bar, changing rooms with showers and lockers and a recreational fountain/pool for kids and the young at heart.

The second floor club house will feature a member’s lounge with large screen TVs for sports and Wii games, like fishing and golf, all in a private club setting, with a huge balcony overlooking the North Sound in order to take advantage of the cooling sea breezes while dining or socializing.

The ground floor will be an open air restaurant and bar, one that anyone can dock their boat right up to, offering a casual “back porch” dining experience, where fresh seafood and local ingredients meet to create a menu that is a fusion of Caribbean and International cuisine.

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