World’s best hotels revealed

Expedia has released its list of the 650 best hotels worldwide from 150,000 available on its sites, and the Caribbean has 42 listed. 

Cayman entries come from theReef, Sunshine Suites and the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort from the list, which is based on rankings dependent on 500,000 customer reviews during 2011 plus the expertise of 650 Expedia market managers worldwide. 

Hotels that consistently deliver value in the form of competitive pricing, pristine amenities and superior customer service will see that commitment rewarded in their ranking, said Demetrius Canton, director of market 
management for the Caribbean. 

“Hotels on the Expedia Insiders’ Select list stand to garner substantial attention and differentiation from the millions of consumers who visit Expedia every month to shop for and book travel. Additionally, given the emphasis that the Insiders’ Select programme places on guest reviews when defining the list, it is programmes like Insiders’ Select that really underscore the importance of traveller opinions on the reputation and future success of a hotel,” he said. 

He said Expedia data shows that by doubling its quantity of traveller reviews, a hotel can receive a 3 per cent higher take-up and a US$2 higher average daily rate. 

High standards 

The high percentage of Caribbean hotels in the top 650 is testament to high standards in the region, he said. 

“Guest Reviews most often reflect Expedia travellers’ experiences of hotels’ service, condition, room cleanliness and comfort, which are measures that all hotels have the ability to effectively address, regardless of their star rating. 

“Expedia partners can influence their ranking by delivering the value and quality of service that result in positive reviews by Expedia travellers, creating a virtuous cycle through which they receive increased consideration by Expedia shoppers, and potential for 
increased bookings as a result. 

“Secondarily, it is important for hotels to be consistently engaged with their local market management 
team through all demand cycles.  

Market managers can be a valuable resource to hotels, providing relevant data and insight to help hotels develop effective strategies to maximise their profitability,” 
he said. 

Demetrius Canton

Mr. Canton