Creative Tech Jammin’ music to your ears

Creative Tech started from humble beginnings in January 2001, but over the years has grown to become one of the most recognisable names in home theatre and sound in Cayman.

“Over the years we’ve morphed from a small electronics store to a tailored operation focussing on the residential market with everything from flat screens to home theatre systems to distributed audio for the home,” said Chris Upstone of Creative Tech.

The company also serves corporate customers as a dealer for Dell computers, Polycom video conferencing equipment and Kyocera document solutions.

Although Mr. Upstone has lived in Cayman since 2000, he hails from Jamaica and feels a lot of pride in the country celebrating 50 years of independence.

“As much as I am a part of Cayman and Cayman is a part of me, I hold Jamaica as a significant part of my life,” says Mr. Upstone.

One of the great cultural legacies of Jamaica is its music and there has been no greater ambassador for music than Bob Marley. His ideals live on in his music and there is no better way to experience his artistry than through the Bob Marley inspired line of earphones from the House of Marley. Creative Tech is the authorised dealer for the earphones in Cayman, offering a selection of different models in the lineup. The earphones are not just focussed on reproducing Bob Marley’s music as accurately as possible, but also reflect his philosophy of taking care of the Earth. The construction of the earphones includes sustainably sourced wood, organic cotton and recyclable aluminium. The materials are not only environmentally friendly but also made to be durable and reflect a fashion sense in line with Bob Marley’s music. The company also supports 1Love, the Marley family’s charitable organisation, which is dedicated to supporting youth, planet and peace.