Serving Jamaicans

The Jamaican Consulate in Cayman exists not only to serve Jamaican nationals residing in or visiting the Cayman Islands, but also assists citizens of other countries wishing to travel to Jamaica.

The consulate’s principal services include passport applications, visas, certifications and assistance to returning residents.


Jamaican nationals can apply for passport information and services through the Jamaican Consulate. Application forms can be downloaded from the Jamaican Consulate’s website. Those applying for a Jamaican passport for the first time will require proof of citizenship. Application for Jamaican citizenship is also handled through the consulate. Passports are usually processed within two to three weeks.

Emergency certificates

Jamaicans who have to travel at short notice and whose passport has been reported lost or stolen can apply through the consulate for an emergency certificate to travel. An emergency certificate is accepted as a temporary travel document, in the case of an emergency. The consulate can issue these once the proper verification on the applicant is done.


Citizens of some countries will require a visa in order to travel to Jamaica. Filipinos, Hondurans and Chinese nationals, for example, require a visa to travel to Jamaica, as do Cayman passport holders.

For those who hold dual Jamaican and Cayman citizenship and are travelling on their Cayman Islands passport, a visa is required. Visas can usually be processed within 24 hours, unless exceptional circumstances apply.

Some nationals can obtain a visa at the port of entry in Jamaica, others must obtain their visa prior to arrival. For up to date information on the countries whose nationals require a visa to enter Jamaica, contact the consulate directly.


The consulate also assists Jamaican nationals with the certification of documents. They also provide information and assistance with the application for Police Records from Jamaica.

Returning residents

Returning residents to Jamaica can obtain information from the consulate regarding the importation of vehicles, household and other personal effects.

For additional information and application forms visit For any queries or consultations, contact the consulate on 949-9526 from 8.30am to 2.30pm Monday through Friday, or by email at [email protected]