Edie’s Decor a professional firm

Edie’s Decor should be a company recognised by anyone living in the Cayman Islands. Opened in March 1981, it has always been in its familiar location on Eastern Avenue, but over time it has expanded and renovated to become one of the Islands’ leading purveyors of flooring, tiles, carpet and window treatments.

Isaac Edie was born in Jamaica but moved to Grand Cayman in 1964 with his uncle after his mother passed away. He went to school here and once he graduated he got his first job installing carpets and vinyl. It was hard work but he enjoyed it, and for eight years he worked for the same company until the responsibility of caring for his growing family persuaded him to open his own place.

He and his wife Rhonda leased a house on Eastern Avenue, which was converted to their first shop. In the early days they focused on selling carpet and some vinyl, but slowly started adding tiles and wallpaper. They also sold prepackaged window treatments and bed sets, but as the years passed they decided that they wanted to make their product more personalised and bespoke. They stopped selling standardised items, and began to offer customised options to their clients.

Edie’s Decor is a family business in every way. Three of the four children work at the company, and as a group they have helped it to expand from the 900-square-foot room it was at the beginning to a full lavish showroom with separate buildings on adjacent properties.

In the future they hope to grow further to include full home remodelling services and there is no reason why they shouldn’t succeed. They regularly attend top trade shows like “Coverings” and keep abreast of all the latest and exciting offerings on the market.

Isaac Edie always appreciates the opportunity he was given by growing up in the Cayman Islands. “Cayman has been very good to me over the years,” he says “and I am always grateful to these Islands and their people.”