Captain’s Bakery and Grill: Home baked goodness

Captain’s Bakery and Grill is a popular spot for Jamaican expats – along with local residents and tourists – looking to enjoy a taste of home. From their wide range of cakes and baked goods to lip-smacking Caribbean favourites served hot off the grill. There’s something to tempt the most fickle of taste buds.

Former army captain Horace Burrell opened his first Captain’s Bakery in a new shopping centre in Kingston, Jamaica in 1995. Selling pastries, cakes and baked goods quickly proved to be a viable business and the company went on to establish seven more bakeries across the island over the next several years.

The success of the brand coupled with the fact that a significant number of Jamaicans were living in the Cayman Islands made Grand Cayman the obvious location to expand to next. In 2002, the move was made possible when a venue at the southern end of West Bay Road became available.

Concerned that baked goods alone may not be enough to stay in business, however, they decided to add a “grill” element to their Cayman venture, and so added a number of Caribbean favourites to the menu: jerk pork and chicken, curry goat, oxtail, escovitch fish, rice and more are available daily. And for those who would prefer a more American diet hot dogs and burgers are also available.

There’s a dizzying array of baked goods, all of which are baked in-house, including breads (white, wheat, sourdough), pastries, patties and puff pastry turnovers. There are carrot cakes, pound cakes, cheesecakes, cassava cakes and even wedding cakes, as well as the hot dishes. It’s a formula that has clearly proven successful as the Captain’s Bakeries in Jamaica have since added their own Grill element as well.

However you choose to celebrate Jamaica’s 50 years of Independence this 6 August, be sure to head on down to Captain’s Bakery and enjoy some mouth watering fare.