Former housing deputy elects Grand Court

Allegations include obtaining property by deception

Former Cayman Islands National Housing Development Trust Deputy Chairman Edlin Mcarthur Myles appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday, when he elected to have charges against him heard in Grand Court.  

They include three counts of obtaining property by deception, that is — obtaining a sum of money by representing that insurance obtained through him was required to get a house under the National Housing Development Trust scheme.  

There are four charges of obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception, the alleged advantage being an opportunity to earn commission on the policy. 

A further two charges allege an attempt to obtain property or pecuniary advantage by deception. 

The charges generally refer to time periods beginning in January 2011. 

Chief Magistrate Nova Hall directed Myles to appear in Grand Court on Friday, 3 August. He is represented by Attorney Ben Tonner.