A night of dance at the Harquail

The Cayman Islands Netball Association’s Stella Maris Dance Ensemble fundraiser at the Harquail Theatre this past weekend was a night of fun and enjoyment for those attending.

The Jamaican group, known for their socially-conscious routines, presented materials and techniques which paid tribute to a wide range of dance styles and cultural influences.

The dance ensemble represents the biggest fundraiser for local netball in the Cayman Islands, which is designed to support the development of various programmes and offset costs.

Netball Association President Lucille Seymour said she wants netball to be a household name and extended her appreciation to Minister of Sports Mark Scotland for his support and persistence in supporting the programme.

The dance group preformed a number of choreographed pieces such as “Coriente Negra”, confrontation between master and slaves on the plantation … black courage rises and overcomes, a lighter side of Jamaica “Baka Beyond” and “Selah”, everyone wants to go to heaven … but no one wants to die.

The Stella Maris ensemble focuses on various aspects of Jamaican culture from its history to religion. Last year, the group also imparted dance moves from genres such as “mento” and “skat” to local school children.