GT Primary gets its Olympic artwork published in magazine

George Town Primary School students have done their bit to support a drug free London Olympic this year. 

For their efforts, the school’s Olympic artworks will be published in an international magazine. 

In 2008, the school along with other schools world-wide, was invited to participate in the activity by entering essays and artwork depicting their views on a drug-free sport by Neil Murrell of the Regional Anti-doping Organisation. 

George Town Primary Years 4-6 submitted 12 poster artworks and all were chosen to be published in the international magazine “Culture, Education, and drug-free sports…A Child’s Perspective. 

“George Town Primary School is elated at the opportunity for the students to once again participate in this important initiative. Of course, the main focus of our involvement is to reinforce the importance of students’ participation in healthy and drug-free sports,” said Principal Marie Martin. 

For their reward the school will receive an edition of the magazine, said Ms Martin. 

The drug-free activity was first done to coincide with the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China and for the winter games in Vancouver 2010. 

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