Israeli masters will show moves

Two US experts in a powerful Israeli self-defence and fighting system will be holding a seminar for the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, practitioners and the general public in the Cayman Islands this Saturday, 4 August, between 12noon and 6pm at The Bootcamp Gym in West Shore Mall.

In an initiative to promote an easy system of self-defence at the crisis centre, the US-based instructors David Kahn and Avital Zeisler wanted to expand its reach of the seminar to the general public at the invitation of The Bootcamp Gym’s certified Krav Maga instructor, Ronnie Hughes.

“What makes Krav Maga so effective for so many people is that it is easy to learn and is based on natural movements,” Hughes said. “This is a huge opportunity for residents to take this seminar from an expert who has trained US Marines, US Coast Guard, the FBI, air marshals and the Secret Service.”

Called Krav Maga, the self-defence and fighting system was developed by the Israeli Defence Forces and is effectively used by a wide range of fitness levels for men and women as well as children. Krav Maga is very effective for women and the event is raising awareness of and funds for the crisis centre, a charitable organization with a mandate to provide 24-hour emergency shelter for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

Hughes, as well as Khan and Zeisler, feels that learning Krav Maga is a very effective method of addressing the regrettable issue of violent crime in Cayman.

“No one should have to feel intimidated by others regardless of age, gender, size or background. Krav Maga is a reality based self-defence system that can be taught to anyone and in a few short sessions, personnel can empower themselves with simple but effective principles and techniques that will deter or fend off potential attackers.

“David is quite simply one of the best practitioners and instructors of Israeli Krav Maga in the world and one of the main catalysts for me becoming involved in Krav Maga in the first place. As the first woman to have been accepted by the original Krav Maga association, Avital is right up there with the best female instructors and is an inspiration to what girls can achieve with the right attitude and instruction.

“I’m absolutely delighted to have them both here as my fellow professionals and as my friends too.”

Crisis Centre Executive Director Ania Milanowska-Sedgley said her group is thrilled that Hughes is offering self defence classes to its clients and for making the crisis centre the beneficiary of funds raised during the Krav Maga seminar.

“Self-defence techniques empower women by developing their confidence and their ability to protect themselves from harm,” Milanowska-Sedgley said. “These skills can be life saving, even if the result is to fend off an attacker for only a few seconds, as they provide an opportunity for escape.”

On their upcoming visit to Cayman, Kahn and Zeisler said they were honoured to help Hughes introduce his top-flight Israeli Krav Maga self-defence and fitness programme to the Cayman Islands.

“Ronnie is one of the best IKMA (Gidon System) instructors and has unparalleled fitness training insights,” Kahn said. “This, and his formidable Krav Maga skill set, make Ronnie’s programme one of the very best available.

“Quite simply, his professionalism stands out and, added to this, he is a great professional colleague and friend.”

“It is amazing to see the opportunity that The Bootcamp has created for women to take that first step towards self protection,” Zeisler said. “His specific teaching style helps women realize the effectiveness of self-defence and ultimately feel confident that they can and have every right to defend themselves.”

Progressive Distributors, David Ravenscroft of Media Investments International, Cico Avis, The Westin Casuarina Hotel and The Avraham Family at Diamonds International have sponsored the seminar for the crisis centre at The Bootcamp Gym.

Saturday’s event is for those aged 18 and over, regardless of levels of fitness, interested in learning effective self defence and improving current skills and fitness levels. Tickets are $50 for the full day seminar including refreshments, optional participation, meet and greet plus a week’s free membership to The Bootcamp. Additional donations will also be accepted for the crisis centre.

For more information, contact Ronnie Hughes at 325-1417 or e-mail [email protected]