The mission is quality care

“The Mission of the Health Services Authority is to provide the highest quality health care and improve the well-being of people in the Cayman Islands through accessible, sustainable patient-focused services by highly-skilled, empowered and caring staff in collaboration with our partners.”

HSA provides important inpatient services. These include: ambulatory/oncology care, a critical care unit, maternity services, general medical unit, a mental health unit, neonatal intensive care, nutrition services, paediatrics, an operating theatre and a surgical unit.

Outpatient services are also provided, for example, ambulance services, accident and emergency, community/public health services, a dialysis unit, dental services, an eye clinic, a general practice, laboratory services, nutrition services, physiotherapy, pharmacy, radiology, a recompression chamber, specialist clinics and women’s health. As well as all this, HSA offer overseas treatment.

Additionally, specialist services are available in the fields of: surgery, gynaecology and obstetrics, paediatrics, internal medicine, dermatology, anaesthesiology, public health, orthopaedics, psychology, cardiology, gastroenterology, psychiatry, rheumatology, radiology, neurology, nephrology, ophthalmology, ear, nose and throat, periodontology, reconstructive surgery, faciomaxillary surgery, and urology.