Fish pots must be licensed

The Marine Conservation Board issues the following notice regarding the licensing of Fish Pots: 

The public is reminded that the Marine Conservation Law states, “Any person who has a fish pot in his possession in the Islands or takes any marine life with the aid of a fish pot in Cayman waters is guilty of an offence unless licensed by the Board…” Further, only Caymanians over the age of eighteen may be granted fish pot licenses, with a limit of two fish pots. 

As of 30th August, 2012, any fish pot found not bearing the required licensing tag will be impounded.  

Inquiries regarding application and other requirements may be made by calling 949-8469, or visiting the office of the Department of Environment at No. 580 North Sound Rd., George Town, Grand Cayman. 


Fish pots in Cayman must be licensed. Photo: File

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