Tax proposal isn’t progress

Our country is experiencing its most depressing and damning economic condition since its emergence from far at the back of beyond and the Premier’s answer to our troubles is to make more trouble by suggesting he will introduce a payroll tax or community enhancement fee as he calls it; but only expats must pay.

Why would anyone in their right senses make a law to impose such a disadvantage on the percentage of our population that cannot vote and does not have a voice; and not think that there would be fair-minded, god-fearing Caymanians, especially those young and strong that would cry down such a cowardly and bullying act.

I take my hat off to all those that saw from the outset that the Premier was not acting in the best interest of our entire society when he sought to charge the section of the society lease capable of protesting against his measures. The working expats did not create our present economic ills and as a matter of fact the Premier has always said that our present economic troubles were brought on by the spending sprees of the PPM ministers between 2005 and 2009. And the Premier may be right about one thing and that is; that our present challenges were enhanced by the PPM not wanting to stop the progress as was their campaign slogan in 2009.

Don’t stop the progress? For real; and is what we are experiencing now with a big administration building to pay for and schools to still finish and then maintain progress. Is the meaning of progress, that we native Caymanians must we search by lowly paid security workers from poor nations that have had to accept wages in our country that are so low that they are automatically excluded from the Premier’s desperate taxation plan. Was the progress that we should not have stopped in 2009, making Grand Cayman a place where brother is against brother and sister against sister and where nobody knows the other person or says hello anymore? Where those who build the country must now stand aside and look while others occupy their lands without regard for their tradition. Was progress finding a large segment of our youth straddled with worries because they cannot find jobs because from the 1970s imported foreign policemen, judges and prison officers have all conspired to criminalise our youth and exclude them even from the lowest paying jobs? Was the progress the PPM promised; the taking away of our native right of ways or is it that all that we now experience is the sole fault of the UDP having to sell us out to pay for PPM progress.

The Premier is desperate to make things not right; right after what he says the PPM has done to our country. But must Mr. Bush only seek methods of improvements that further divide us into opposing groups; not just politically but also ethnically? For the Premier must know that the so-called expat worker that is making less or more than his magic number of $20,000 pay taxes in the same manner as we Caymanians do, therefore to now tax their income without also taxing us would place a double burden on those of the expat population earning more than $2,000 per month, making his tax unfair and possibly illegal. Like $2,000 is any money today with the kinds of daily expenses we are all experiencing in Bush country.

Of course the sensible expat would get up and leave just as I am planning to leave for a third world country where I might be able to live like a first world human being. Who is this man’s advisors? I hope they are not all from Jordan! Fundamentalism in any form is repulsive to me. I accept that we are all entitled to our views and beliefs but when we refuse to subject them to reason and by reason I mean scientifically provable tests, then those views I can no longer accept as courageous or sane. But every good dictator knows that the people to punish for the ills of a nation regardless of which government created them is the weakest minority in the nation. What does the bully in our school yard do if not to steal the pennies from those weak and without a voice while allowing the escape of those strong enough in one way or another to resist his will? Don’t stop the progress? Well perhaps not only the progress has stopped but the façade also.


  1. Unfortunately the Premier has opened Pandoras’ box and unleashed the demons.

    My only concern is how long will it take to rid this Goverment of its bias and in fact locate a new leader to promote healing, steer a new course of harmony and prosperity.

    If the attitude unsaid or otherwise is anti expat then why would any expat want to live or invest in an environment frought with prejudice and uncertainty?

    Conversely why would Caymanians endorse such a critical view of their fellow inhabitants when the ultimate result would be to reduce the quality of life and well being in the foreseeable future.

    Time to seek stability, prosperity and ultimately peace of mind, these are the imperatives of Government and the manifest convictions of true leaders.

  2. Well said Mr. McField.

    Sadly most governments of the world have a love of spending more than they take in taxes and borrowing the rest.

    Interestingly Hong Kong, also a low tax country, has such a budget surplus that it is sending all its residents, citizens and expats, a check!

    Nice if we could do the same!

    Here is my suggestion:

    Ken Dart for Premier.


    But wouldn’t it be nice to be led by someone who:

    1. Was a brilliant organizor and knew how to run a large organization

    2. Was personally rich beyond the temptation of corruption.

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