Cydonie looks in good shape

Cydonie Mothersill has blocked all her injury problems out of her mind and is raring to go in the heats of the women’s 200 metres at the London Olympics. 

“I feel great. I wish I was 110 per cent but I’m a fighter and I’m doing everything humanly possible to be ready and I’ve got all my fingers crossed that I will do well,” Mothersill said.  

“I haven’t been to the Olympic stadium yet, only to the opening ceremony, but I’ve seen athletes competing on TV and it seems a fast track so I’m excited about that.” 

Mothersill, 34, is in her fifth Olympics and feels her vast experience will carry her through the rounds.  

“The weather is decent for a British citizen and it is the Summer Olympics, it’s kind of windy but the wind will affect all athletes.  

”It’s nothing that you can change so you focus on things you can change which is getting out of the blocks, finishing strong and making sure you get a good lane and so on. Everything else is beyond our control.” 

Mothersill saw on Friday, the first day of track and field events, her good friend Novlene Williams-Mills easily win her women’s 400m heat. The final was on Sunday. The two often room together on the European circuit.  

“Novlene is a really good friend of mine and I do hope she gets a medal,” said Mothersill. “I’m in her corner.  

“She ran in the Cayman Invitational in May and since I got in the village a lot of people who didn’t know I helped in the organising of it have been giving me positive feedbacks and the 2013 Cayman Invitational should be even more spectacular.” 


Forbes feeling good 

Ronald Forbes has got over all his niggling injury problems and is ready for the next stage in his Olympic journey.  

The 27-year-old from North Side goes in the men’s 110 metres hurdles in his second Olympics on Tuesday.  

“I’m feeling very excited,” Forbes said. “Body wise I’m super, super ready. I didn’t feel I was going to feel this good going in but during the past week, I’ve been doing my final race preparations with my coach Joey Scott. 

“It’s been going good. Yesterday we had a really great training session. This morning was the last training session which was basically rest, rehab and preparing for Tuesday.  

“Monday is just a slight shakeout just to get the legs awakened after the weekend’s rest. We’re just going to go out on Tuesday and try to execute how we have in practice.” 

Cydonie Mothersill Cayman Olympian in London

Cydonie Mothersill at a luncheon for the track stars. – Photo: Ron Shillingford


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