50 years of independence: Jamaicans have their day

With all the colour and vibrancy of the Jamaican people, Cayman Jamaica Day celebrations opened on Cardinal Avenue Friday. 

Even the youngest sported the Jamaican colours proudly waving the black, gold and green flags as food stalls opened for business marking 50 years of Jamaica independence.  

Grace, a well established company in Jamaica, had a booth set up giving away samples and offering scores of Jamaican items for sale. 

Strongly supported by the Caymanian people for the bond they share over the years, there were Caymanian arts and crafts on display, which was very appropriate as Cayman is heavily a part of the Jamaican culture. 

Lovell Marriott manager of Touch of Paradise and a great supporter of the Cayman Jamaica Independence celebrations said Jamaica Day in Cayman is improving and is expected to get better and better as time goes by. “I have noticed there are not as much individual vendors as last year but the event is still good and definitely growing when it comes to showcasing Jamaican culture.” 

On the street on Friday visitors and locals got the opportunity to tickle their taste buds with Jamaican flavourful items such as escovitch fish, jerk, mackerel, curry goat, mannish water soup, coconut drops and much more.  

These were featured from stalls highlighting various areas in Jamaica such as Little Ochie, Boston, Faiths Pen and Hillshire, a famous beach in Jamaica. 

It was a beautiful day of Jamaican heritage and a lot of workers from the surrounding businesses on Cardinal Avenue decided to come out to have lunch. 

The event was supported by a good mix of the Caymanian society, as well as a good mix of tourists from the cruise ship who grasped the opportunity to ask questions about the Jamaican culture. 

Some stalls showcased arts and crafts from Jamaica and at one point during the event a number of the Jamaican festival songs were being played and flags given away. 

Jamaica baby with flag

Lascelles Harrison with son Leonardo waving the Jamacian flag. – Photos: Jewel Levy

Jamaica food

Visitors sample Jamacian foods.

Jamaica jerk stand

Ultra Lounge restaurant cook Kenroy Bleeching tends the jerk.

Jamaica flag

Lovell Marriott and Terrance Timoll shows of the Jamacian flag.

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