Underwater sculpture added to dive site

An intriguing sculpture of a diver is the latest attraction near to the reef used near Don Foster’s Dive in George Town. 

The sculpture was created by Sergio Coni, Esteban Andrade and Romeo Penacino from old bicycle frames. 

“We thought it appropriate since bicycles are the main transportation of most divemasters. We designed, cleaned the parts and welded ourselves,” said Mr. Coni. 


Unsung heroes  

The sculpture – or as Mr. Coni put it, ‘a creation’ – is roughly life-size and is on a sand patch where it can be easily removed as required. So far, the reaction has been great, particularly from those in the industry, continued Mr. Coni, who explained the motivation behind the creation.. 

“A few of us wanted to show that the divemasters are the unsung heroes of the dive industry. [They are] daily ambassadors of our Islands and in many cases prevent the loss of life thanks to their actions… [it is] a profession that is seen as very casual but takes a lot of effort, great responsibility and many hours,” said the artist. 

The sculpture, he said, was not commissioned as such but created for this purpose. 

underwater sculpture

This brilliant new sculpture was created by Don Foster’s staff. – Photo: Submitted


  1. I think this is really great. Don Fosters is one of the top dive operations on the island and this will add to diving with them. It is also good for the island and may bring more people

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