Play a role in Tootsie’s future

The Reef Resort in East End is inviting its Facebook friends to help sponsor a Blue Iguana. 

The hotel will match dollar for dollar, up to a total of $500, donations from guests or its Facebook friends to help sponsor Tootsie the Blue Iguana, which the hotel first started supporting in 2008. 

Sherry Vanwey, marketing coordinator at the Reef Resort, said: “All the money raised will be given to members of Cayman Islands Blue Iguana Recovery Programme for the care and well being of Tootsie, one of the endangered Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas living at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park.” 

Tootsie is 17 years old and is named after the Dustin Hoffman character in the 1982 movie of the same name, about an actor who pretends to be a woman in order to land a role on a soap opera. 

“Apparently when another male comes around, Tootsie sticks his tail in the air like the females. Since he resembles a female when he does that, he was named after a character who is a man playing a woman,” said Ms Vanwey. 

“All the iguanas in the park have their own quirky personalities, but Tootsie really is quite a character,” she added. 

The Blue Iguana Recovery Programme offers annual sponsorships of iguanas in its captive facility or roaming free. Sponsors can name an iguana, which retains that name for life, for a one-off fee of $1,000. Annual sponsorship of iguanas, at $500 a year, covers the cost of care, including cage maintenance and feeding in captivity or field monitoring in the wild. The Blue Iguanas can only have one sponsor at a time.  

Ms Vanwey said visits for guests to see and meet Tootsie can be organised.  


To help sponsor Tootsie, visit the Reef’s facebook page, click on the Sponsor Tootsie icon and follow the steps.  

tootsie blue iguana

Tootsie the Blue Iguana. – PHOTO: SUBMITTED

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