MLA McLean to leave PPM

East End Member of the Legislative Assembly Arden McLean has resigned from the People’s Progressive Movement political party, the Caymanian Compass has learned.

PPM leader and Cayman Islands Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin confirmed late Thursday that the long-time party member and East End representative would announce his departure soon via a statement.

“This is something Arden has been wrestling with for some time,” Mr. McLaughlin said. “He’s decided that this would be better for his political fortunes.”

Mr. McLaughlin said that Mr. McLean remains on friendly terms with the PPM and would maintain “close contact” with any PPM-led government, if Mr. McLaughlin’s party is successful in the upcoming general elections.

Mr. McLean, along with North Side MLA Ezzard Miller, took a vocal role in backing the ‘one man, one vote’ petition drive earlier this year and Cayman political observers have noted close ties recently between the two MLAs that represent Cayman’s only single-member voting districts.

“This was not a one-off sudden decision,” Mr. McLaughlin said. “There’s no surprises here.”

On Friday, Mr. McLean released the following statement:

“I have today tendered my letter of resignation from the People’s Progressive Movement to the political leader of the PPM and Leader of the Opposition, the Honourable Alden McLaughlin.

“Notwithstanding my resignation, I remain fully committed to the political future of the Cayman Islands and in particular the welfare of my constituents in East End. I believe that I still have much to offer my country and will endeavour to continue to contribute in a positive way as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for as long as the people of East End are willing to give me the privilege of serving them.

“My decision to resign was not arrived at lightly. While I have noted with some surprise the statements made to the newspaper by Mr. McLaughlin, my departure from the PPM has nothing to do with any decision on my part to further my political fortunes. I have concluded that the important business of the people of East End and the country that remains to be done can best be accomplished independently of the PPM.

“I look forward to working constructively in the house and elsewhere for the greater good off all who live here.”



  1. Political fortunes ? Now that’s a hell of a way to put it, kind of makes you wonder what the true goals of these folks. What’s in the best interest of the Cayman Islands or what’s best for their Bank Accounts. Again I say Politicians all have their own agenda. Let’s see what’s nextMaybe a new party of Ezzard and Arden striving for the big paycheck

  2. This is a good thing. This man has a Moral Compass and is always pointed in the right direction. PPM fumbled when they did not include OMOV in the constitutional protections when they were in power. An independent political movement is needed to put in place a better political structure. This country needs to move forward and this is the only way I see. Please tell me if I’m wrong. More like minded people need to come forward as this true Patriot has done. Now is the time to get in gear to move our country forward.

  3. @NJ2Cay – I don’t think those are fair comments. I don’t see any reason to suggest that McLean and Miller are motivated by greed as you imply. Miller after all is the one MLA who is currently entitled to receive a pension but has decided as a matter of principle not to do so. Your comment smacks of bias especially as you don’t make those comments about some other politicians who are clearly more deserving.

  4. Sounds like I may have misinterpreted the Statement, The part about his deciding this would better for his political fortunes seemed a little strange to me. All I said it that it makes you wonder, but I could be wrong. If my comment gave of an incorrect implication about Ezzard I apologize. After all I kind of respect the way he handled himself during the whole Income tax fiasco.

    No Bias intended..

  5. Arden, It was already so obvious what the OMOV was all about.
    You could have at least waited another month or two before joining up with Ezzard … really independent party…. Now its like, making it BLATANTLY OBVIOUS to everyone.

    Yeah, OMOV was really about fairness and democracy eh?….

  6. Clearly this shift in political alliances by McLean does not bode well for the PPM leadership. Mr Tibbetts was posponing his retirement to give the PPM another seat in 2013 but now it is a wash. The Opposition has now functioned well in the last 3 years and there may be more who will seek the Independent route but they must know going in that Ezzard rules that roost..

  7. I suspect Alden meant that Arden felt he would have a better chance of becoming premier if he ran on his own. As i said before if enough independent MLA’s get elected, there is a greater chance of one of them emerging as the head honcho. In a coalition situation, there will inevitably be a lot of horse trading and anything can happen.

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