Ovaine shares poem for Floetry

Ovaine Monteith is the featured poet for this edition of Floetry. 

Mr. Monteith started writing poetry roughly 14 years ago after a spiritual experience led him to give his life to the service of the Church. 

“When I got saved in 1998, I started to write, as I felt God inspired me to do so. I think we all have talents and some of those come out later in life, as did my writing,” said Mr. Monteith. 

The poem he is featuring for Floetry is called Rude Awakening. It is about the harsh realities of life. 

“It is about the fact that we may have a lot of dreams in life but time and opportunity ultimately determine everyone’s chances at seeing their dreams come true. Many times we have to let go because of the harsh realities of life,” noted the poet, who added that his poems are mostly based on the reality and are not “fictional or fanciful”. 

The father of three pointed out that he also likes to write about relationships. 

Ovaine, who has been a member of the Floetry Club for several years now said he would like to do a book of poems. He noted that there are not many outlets to express oneself or get exposure in the field of poetry in the Cayman Islands but he remains positive about finding new ways of sharing his observations and thoughts through the art form.  

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