Wild world of Luelan Bodden

Luelan Bodden is a prolific artist, working with everything from paints to conch shells and wood.  

One of this latest works, Triple Six, is a sculpture he hopes will spark some controversy. The sculpture, made mainly from palm fibres, features a globe, help up by a hand which, Luelan says, is the hand of God.  

A giant spider sits on the world, laying eggs and enveloping it in its web. Across the world from the spider is a serpent, symbolic of the serpent in the garden of Eden.  

Below the world is a bowl containing capsules, a series of handwritten calculations and an excerpt from the Book of Revelations concerning the coming of the anti-Christ and the marks that people will bear on their hands or foreheads. The sculpture represents Luelan’s view of the coming of the anti-Christ.  

“No one knows what form the coming of the anti-Christ will take but my theory – and I’m the artist so I set the rules – is that the anti-Christ is not one person but lots of people and these marks will be in the form of microchips implanted in people.”  

His calculations have given a numeric value to each letter in the alphabet. By then removing the letters that make up the word ‘computer’ and doing further calculations with them, he comes up with 666. The artist’s view is that technology will be the downfall of mankind. 

Through social media, he says, people are putting all their personal information in the public domain. Through automated systems in homes all kinds of information is being beamed up to super computers and, Luelan says, he believes eventually we will all be microchipped and our every move will be followed.  

“Information is all connected,” he says. “When governments know everything about you, they have more control over you and governments love the idea of giving people technology and then using it to their advantage.” 

The message that he wants to communicate through this sculpture is a warning. “Beware what you are getting into. Kids are no longer communicating. They will sit in the same room and text each other. They don’t even use their fingers any more. All they need is the two thumbs. They don’t speak in full sentences, they use letters. Soon, parts of their brain will start to shut down because they are no longer being used.” 

Luelan Bodden Triple Six

Luelan Bodden and his Triple Six scultpture, which represents his view of the coming of the anti-Christ. – Photos: Natasha Were

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