Tony Mark’s tremendous in the visual arts

He’s worked in feature films and TV, won Emmy Awards and now teaches and shoots at Cathy Church’s Photo Centre. 

Tony Mark is also exhibiting at Full of Beans during August. The photographer is excited by the prospect. 

“I’ve been taking photographs since I was 10-years-old and got my first Nikon camera. I have been shooting Nikon ever since and am always trying to learn the newest techniques and experimenting with the latest equipment,” he tells Weekender. 

“I love to tell a story whether I am writing a book or taking a photograph or making a movie. I think photography is amazing with what you can do with a single image.” 

After attending New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Film Program, Tony went to Hollywood in 1992 to pursue his career as a filmmaker. He immediately acquired work as an editor and for the next six years he edited over 15 features. His editorial experience sharpened his directorial senses, and he used these talents to direct his first digital feature film in 1999. 


Emmy Award  

Since then, Tony has directed two other films along with his numerous editing projects. Tony uses all of the latest technologies of digital filmmaking. Tony won an Emmy Award as editor for his participation on the animated TV series Tutenstein for Porch Light Entertainment and Discovery Kids. Which brings us up to date and his current home of the Cayman Islands. 

“I have lived here for two years and absolutely love it. It is truly a special place. I’ve been photographing weddings the last few years and look forward to capturing many more special days. I am also working at Cathy Church’s Photo Centre teaching and looking to bring down some top worldwide photographers to do workshops down here. 

“I have luckily enough been able to show my work throughout the US and now have been repeatedly published in What’s Hot magazine and on the Web, Tony explains. So what of the future of photography? 

“I think photography has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to the Web and the great photo sharing sites like Flickr and Smugmug. I like that the world is sharing their work for everyone to see and learn from,” he says; His show opened this week at Full of Beans. 

Tony Mark Yosemite

Tony Mark’s work is spectacular, including this one of Yosemite Valley. – Photo: Submitted

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