Plan B revs to Jersey

Donald Francis is seeking low times and fast runs in New Jersey.

The North Side native competes in his next US drag race, Honda Day in Englishtown on 11-12 August. Francis, 22, is running a Honda Civic Type-R nicknamed Plan B that generates 606 horsepower on 21 pounds of boost.

US tuner Javier Torres, 34, is part of Francis’ crew and states he is pleased with how Plan B is performing.

“My thoughts on Donald racing in the States is awesome,” Torres said. “To see a car that I fly to work on now race at a pro level makes me feel very proud of the work that everyone involved with the car has done, not just me. The competition here is the best anyone could imagine and to see the car getting recognition is more than I can ask for.”

Francis, a Cayman Islands Water Authority engineering assistant, had a decent showing in Englishtown back in June. In spite of transmission problems, Plan B advanced past the first elimination round but broke out of his 10.5 second class, running a time of 10.48s at 143 miles per hour.

Earlier this year, Francis competed at Atco Raceway, a National Hot Rod Association track in Atco, New Jersey. He raced at the Import Drag Performance Speed Shop Honda Day 2012, producing a quarter mile time of 10.27s at 140mph.

The car is based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island at Torres’ garage and Francis previously stated he expected to finish his 2012 racing season by November.

“There will be two more races between Englishtown and Atco before the world final in Maryland on 4 November,” Francis said. “It’s the last race of the season and it’s a must.”

For the record, Plan B is far from stock with over $25,000 worth of parts. More modifications were slated to be done to the car, including a G-Force manual transmission costing some US$8,000 that is built to handle over 1,000hp.

Torres, originally from Puerto Rico, states Francis should be an inspiration for other local racers.

“Cayman has tons of fast cars, from American-made to Japanese cars. Every time I go they keep getting faster and faster. There is plenty of talent when it comes to drag racing in Cayman.”

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