Walking track under way in George Town

Ministers Mark Scotland and Rolston took a trip to the field at Clifton Hunter High School recently to check on the progress of what is set to be a 1500m long walking track for the public. 

A 12 August completion date has been placed on the walking track at CHHS. The track was envisioned with the intent of providing a safe environment for the public to use that can keep them off the busy streets and out of harm’s way.  

The track is set to span most of the current field, providing a huge 1500m of walking distance. However, the track is kept within the boundaries of the trees on the field. 

“The development of this facility is very important. We believed it was something that Cayman needed in order to give people somewhere safe to practice a healthy lifestyle. Our inistry is very excited for the completion and can’t wait to see the public benefit from the track,” Mr. Scotland remarked. 

“Sustainability is important to us, so we have worked hard to ensure that the trees around the perimeter remain protected and did not have to be dug up in order for us to create the track,” he said.  

Both ministers were pleased with the progress of the track so far. Both also shared the same view on the location, as it is conveniently located near CHHS as well as the new John Gray campus.  

“When you can use a community resource as a resource for the school as well, it is always extremely beneficial,” Mr. Scotland stated.  

“This is going to be a wonderful community resource,” Mr. Anglin added. “I’ve really got to thank Minister Scotland for taking this project on.”  

Future plans for the track include the addition of a lighting system, as well as designated areas to create shade for its users. 

With less than a month to go until completion, the track will be ready before the end of summer and before the start of the new school year, perfect timing for the back to school schedule. 

walking track

Ministers Mark Scotland Rolston Anglin stand in front of the future walking track at Clifton Hunter High School with other ministry members and the Island Paving team. – Photo: Submitted.

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