Free up the food supply for the Caymanian people

In these hard times we must find better ways to fee ourselves, not just from the supermarkets.

We, as the people of the Caribbean, must find new ways to use the sea to bring back from it food for our people.

We must also find new farming systems that can grow crops here to fill a lot of our needs. Government must help and support new electrical systems for the whole Islands as we all can see CUC can fail.

The natives of these Islands must fish more and grow more and be wiser of how we spend money.

We may even have to cook more the old ways on a grill with wood. After all the propane can fail too.

We must wake up as a people and understand we live now on a razors edge with others in control of the movements of the razor. We have stepped away from our own Caymanian ways.

Up until this day no government has helped young Caymanians with such things as boats for them to learn the way of the sea and at the same time these young people can help themselves by selling their catch.

I, at the same time, want to thank whoever finally got off their butts and started the trade school. We need to have better access to our food supply that is around us now without being afraid to get your grandmother one lobster or conch.

After we pass these hard times we can then go back to the ban that we had before. Don’t forget that when food gets tight, people strike out and find food. For those of you that sit on your high money mountain, you might not understand because hard times never reach you. But I speak for all men, but first and always for my own Caymaians. We can ban all of the people from the outside world from taking our section of the Caribbean and impose stiffer fines on those who break our laws.

When it comes to taking from the sea, only real Caymanians should be allowed to take from the sea here around Cayman, to feed ourselves and to sell to make a living.

No outsiders should be allowed to sell fish around our shores unless he is a partner with a Caymanian. I do not care what a lot of you may think that I may be wrong.

Well, if we the people of the Cayman Islands did not let so many of you come here to live with us, we would not have so many of you to help eat our food also. Now look at how many of you non-Caymanians are getting this money and a free ride from government’s pockets. We feed you there too.

So let us also take a good look at this free ride you all are getting. Caymanians get to work finding more ways to bring this Island up.

Government needs to free up the things the people need to help uplift themselves.

Emile S. Levy


  1. If anyone wants proof of where the us vs them mentality comes from, this letter is all the proof you need. It’s not the expats that have put limitations on what you can take from the ocean.

    With that said, this letter goes even farther in showing the ridiculous sense of entitlement that some Caymanians have. The government should buy you boats??!!?!?! In the midst of the budget battle and criticism from all sides (Caymanian and expat) that government spending needs to come down, you’re upset that government is not buying boats for young people?

    You imply that expats get a free ride, but you ignore the benefits we bring to the island. Do you think there would be 5 Fosters, a Kirks and a Hurleys without the expat population to fuel the market. Do you think the already high food prices would be cheaper or more expensive if only Caymanians were here? The supermarkets overhead and electricity and other costs would be the same, but they’d have less consumers and less purchases to spread those costs over. Your food prices and your selection and your opportunities are much higher because of us.

    I agree with you that you should go back to the old ways, because with the way that some Caymanians treat expats, if they get their wish the expats will be gone. And you know the saying — be careful what you wish for.

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