Garbage collections running late

Garbage collections throughout Grand Cayman are being carried out between a day and two days late due to recurring maintenance problems with the Department of Environmental Health trucks.

Tania Johnson, public education and promotions officer at the Department of Environmental Health, said: “There are some problems with the trucks and we’re asking if the public can have some patience 
with us.”

“What we’re trying to do is if [the trucks] have to go to a 
certain area, like George Town, and … if it took a day to pick up the garbage before, now it’ll take two days to complete the area before they move to another district,” she said. Ms Johnson said that usually the Department of Environmental Health has between six and eight trucks on the road, but ongoing maintenance issues with the trucks mean that on some days, as many as four can be out of commission, while on other days two or three were not operating.

The delays in collecting the garbage only affects residential areas. Commercial garbage collections are going on as scheduled.

She said members of the public may drop off garbage at the George Town Landfill, if they do not want to wait for the delayed garbage collections. There is a garbage drop-off point at the end of Seymour Road in George Town, behind the airport industrial park. The Department of Environmental Health advises the public to ensure their garbage bags are secured so that animals cannot spread the rubbish around when there are delays in garbage collection periods.

The Department of Environmental Health complaints hotline can be contacted on 743-5942.


  1. Who maintains the Commercial garbage trucks? They are not a problem says the article. When 50% of the residential trucks are not in service someone clearly is not doing their job. Find the problem and fix it.

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