Burglar bolts with brewery gold medals

The Cayman Islands Brewery was burgled early Friday and lost some cash as well as a number of ‘gold medal’ awards it was previously granted for brewing excellence.

According to James Mansfield of the brewery, an assistant brewer was still on site brewing at around midnight and alerted 911 when he heard a noise.

“He didn’t go out into the front of the premises and waited for the police who responded very quickly. They found the guy next door on the property, smashing the cash register with a hammer. So they gave chase and he actually got away, but he left his bicycle,” said Mr. Mansfield.

He said that the brewery had provided the police with video from their security cameras which shows the theft in progress.

According to Mr. Mansfield the perpetrator had clearly been familiar with the premises, as he “went straight to the tip jar, straight to the cash register, and straight to where the gold medals were.”

Although the perpetrator escaped with a small sum in cash, the greatest loss for the brewery as a collection of medals the brewery had received for their beers at international brewing competitions.

“We can’t replace the medals, so we will now just have three empty display boxes,” said Mr. Mansfield.

“They’re not really gold, so if they melt them down there is no value to them.”

He said that the brewery had alerted the pawn shops and cash for gold business on Grand Cayman to the theft of the medals and was hoping that they could be found and returned to the brewery, as the medals had no value to anyone but the brewery.

“We’re just glad everybody is safe and there were no injuries. The police have got a fairly good description of him so hopefully something will come of it,” he said.

CIB break-in

The suspects broke into the brewery overnight.
Photo: Submitted

CIB medals

The gold medals taken in the Caybrew burglary.
Photo: Eugene Bonthuys

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  1. The perpetrator of this senseless crime should be easily apprehended because the police have the security cameras’ video of the crime in progress – an essential tool for law enforcement to nail suspects and solve crimes.

    No doubt this was a planned act by the thug who knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish.

    Agreed that the theft of the gold medals collection is indeed a heavy loss for what they represent. However, quick action by the brewery to alert pawn shops and other businesses buying gold was the right and timely move. We hope these businesses will comply, moreso as the inscription on these medals will easily indicate a theft.

    If all fails to retrieve the medals, may be the sources that provided them might be willing to offer replacements. Also, more theft resistant methods could be implemented to prevent any recurrence of this crime. The Compass will keep us fully informed on any new developments in this matter.

    This no good thug should be placed in the knucklehead hall of shame.

  2. Caybrew is a fantastic asset to the Island and everyone should be proud of their international success as well as the example they set here. They sponsor many events and have been leading the way with bottle re-cycling programs for years and more recently the shark conservation efforts linked to the awesome White Tip Lager.

    I hope they get the Medals back, but perhaps the other customers would join me in sponsoring a new award;-

    The Anvil D’Or

    We’ll take an 80 pound anvil, Gold Plate and engrave it on behalf of the Loyal Customers, and when it gets stolen, the police go to the hospital and arrest the moron with the broken foot.

    Failing that we should all show our support by drinking only Caybrew ’till the medals are back and that includes you Heineken drinkers too!