Miss Piggy’s facelift supported by plastic surgeon

Miss Piggy’s revelation earlier this year that she has had plastic surgery and that it may have included Botox is a sign of how it is virtually everywhere, says world renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Laurence Kirwan.

“I thought she was looking younger, but I didn’t know if maybe it was just me,” he apparently ‘quips’, according to a news release Weekender received. “But really, when you have an entertainer like Miss Piggy, who appeals to children as equally as adults, admitting to Botox you know it’s a subject that’s common to everybody young and old.”

Larry says everybody’s favourite porker must have an amazing doctor for her Botox works because it’s clearly the best he’s seen.

“She looks as young as she did when she first started in show business,” he says. “And she and the rest of the Muppets are having a bit of a renaissance now, which is good to see.”

Revelation made

Miss Piggy made the revelation back in March of this year while promoting The Muppets DVD release.

“I look younger. And the truth is that I have had work done. I’m not afraid to admit it,” Miss Piggy told the UK’s Daily Mail. “I believe one should maintain one’s beauty by whatever means necessary – nip and tuck, Botox, caulking. If it works, do it.”

That’s one area where Loz agrees with the television and movie star.

“Miss Piggy and I really see eye-to-eye on that,” the doctor drones.

“As long as they are fully informed of the risks, have realistic expectations, and are doing it for the right reasons, I fully agree that people should maintain their beauty by any means that they have at their disposal,” he says, adding that he’d be happy to help, of course. That’s his job, see.

Finally, the totally-not-touting-for business doctor says he hopes to see lots more of Miss Piggy looking happy and healthy and beautiful in the future.

Oink oink.

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