Bumbo seat recalled

The manufacturer of the popular Bumbo Baby Seat is recalling the product due to concerns about babies falling out of the foam seats. 

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, along with Bumbo International Trust of South Africa, on Wednesday announced a voluntary recall of about 4 million Bumbo Baby Seats in the United States. 

Little Darlings in Cayman, which stocks the seats, has taken them from the shelves. 

Owner Donna Daije said: “We’ve pulled them from the shelves. We are not going to be selling them until further notice.”  

She said people who had bought the seat from her store should contact her. She is awaiting a repair kit, which includes a strap to hold a child secure in the seat. “They’re going to send them to me and I’ll give them to the customers,” she said. 

This is the second time the product has been recalled. In October 2007, 1 million Bumbo seats were voluntarily recalled to provide additional warnings against use on raised surfaces, such as tables. 

The latest recall came after reports of at least 50 incidents after October 2007 in which babies fell from the Bumbo seat while on a raised surface. Nineteen of those incidents resulted in skull fractures, the Consumer Project Safety Commission said in a statement. 

There have also been another 34 reports since the 2007 recall of infants falling out or manoeuvring out of a Bumbo seat on the floor, two of those incidents involved reports of skull fractures, while others reported bumps, bruises and other minor injuries. 

Consumers are advised to immediately stop using the product until they order and install a free repair kit, which includes: a restraint belt with a warning label, installation instructions, safe use instructions and a new warning sticker. The belt should always be used when a child is placed in the seat.  

Even with the belt, the seat should never be used on any raised surface. Consumers should also immediately stop using Bumbo seat covers that interfere with the installation and use of the belt.  


A video demonstrating proper installation of the restraint belt and proper use of the Bumbo seat are available at www.BumboUSA.com. 

bumba baby seat

Bumbo Baby Seats have been recalled due to concerns about infants falling out of them. – PHOTO: FILE

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