Baby items needed

The Department of Counselling Services’ Family Resource Centre is organising a Young Parent Drive where baby items, maternity and professional clothes will be put to good re-use.  

The items are used as part of an incentive programme to keep young adults motivated and focused on becoming better parents for their little ones. 

FRC Programme Coordinator, Miriam Foster said, “Many of our young parents are making big changes in their lives and parenting philosophies. Change in any form comes with some frustration. Being rewarded for a job well done with albeit ‘pretend’ money, gives clients the satisfaction of knowing how it feels to earn money and be able to purchase items for themselves and their babies.” 

The items donated will go towards FRC’s Young Parent Services where parents and their children can enjoy. Held at the centre, YPS is a special programme dedicated to young moms and dads working on parenting and employability skills. The programme will help build positive parenting skills, attitudes and behaviours so kids can get a head start in life.

To support FRC in furthering their mission to help young parents in need, contact 949-0006. 

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