Issac charts uncertain path

A poorly organised, large and quickly moving Tropical Storm Issac was located south of Hispanola early Friday, giving forecasters few indications of its eventual path.

Issac was clocking maximum sustained winds of 50 miles per hour and moving due west at 15 miles per hour as of 7am local time Friday.

Almost all forecast models agreed that Issac would veer sharply northwest into southern Haiti, arriving by late Friday or early Saturday. However, the National Hurricane Centre put out a rare warning about storm forecast models on Friday morning.

“It is important not to focus on the exact track due to uncertainties in the initial location of the track forecast,” the NHC’s 8am advisory read. “Issac has a large area of tropical storm force winds associated with it.”

At 7am Friday, the storm was said to be about 220 miles southeast of Port Au Prince, Haiti. However, storm clouds associated with the tropical cyclone stretched from Puerto Rico to South America.

Forecasts for Issac were also changed overnight. The storm was not expected to turn into a hurricane until early next week, according to the latest information. 

According to the Cayman Islands Weather Service: “Tropical Storm Isaac does not pose an imminent threat to the Cayman Islands. On the current forecast track, the Cayman Islands may experience rough seas on Saturday and Sunday and it is anticipated that a small craft warning will be in effect. Also, northeast winds of 15 to 20 knot winds are forecast for Saturday and northerly winds of 15 to 20 knots on Sunday.  Heavy rainfall is anticipated on Sunday and this could lead to flooding of low lying areas.”

Please check back to for more updates later today and through the weekend.


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