Airport upgrades welcomed by tourism body

The Cayman Islands Tourism Association says it is delighted with the new enhancements at Owen Roberts International Airport in Grand Cayman. 

In a news release, the association said that one of its stated Tourism Issues and Critical Success Factors for 2012/13 is to see the private and public sectors work together to create a better arrival and departure visitor experience. The airport, said the private sector nonprofit body, is Cayman’s first point of contact when visitors arrive into Grand Cayman via airplane and thus is the first impression many people have of Cayman. 

The association praised the upgraded air conditioning, interactive advertising and particularly the mural by Cathy Church in the baggage area, explained association Past President Steve Broadbelt from Ocean Frontiers. 

“As a scuba diver, the moment you enter the baggage claim area, you instantly know you have reached your dream destination. Cathy Church’s panoramic underwater image pushes the level of excitement even higher for what they are about to experience in the Cayman Islands,” he said. “The time waiting for your bags passes by quickly, and when you pick up your dive bag off the carousel, divers know what they have travelled so far so see will all be worth it.” 

On the reverse side, said the association, leaving Grand Cayman is “a much smoother, visitor friendly process than it used to be”. Lines are shorter and things move more efficiently. There are new X-ray machines at the security checkpoint as well as at the hold baggage screening. The upgraded equipment has modernised the processing of passenger screening and complies with new aviation regulations, which will come into effect in 2013.  

The public address system has been replaced throughout the terminal to expand coverage and enhance communication from airlines to passengers and restroom upgrades will follow. There’s also free Wi-Fi in the terminal, three complimentary Internet kiosks and 32 charging stations. 

Unseen improvements for safety include a new fire alarm system, which has expanded coverage in the airport. 

“The Cayman Islands Tourism Association is pleased to see this initiative taking place as it improves Cayman’s tourism product and visitor experience,” said Executive Director Jane van der Bol. 

Owen Roberts Intl Airport Cayman Islands Immigration Hall

Despite budgetary concerns, Grand Cayman’s airport has been given a makeover. – Photo: File


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