Editorial for 29 August: We hope he feels better

As the Cayman Islands government budget meeting trundles on,
we’d like to take note of just a few of the following verbal pearls dropped by
Premier McKeeva Bush during the proceedings:

“I took my licks yesterday, and I need to give as good as I

“There are times when your buttons are pushed by people who
have no standing to do so.”

“Nobody defends McKeeva like McKeeva.”

“This is not a Sunday school; this is a place for defence.”

Yes, apparently it is the premier’s view that the
Legislative Assembly is a place for defence; defence from the unfair or biased
statements of opposition politicians and their allies – the evil news media –
certain members of which are allegedly controlled by either the opposition or
the devil, whatever suits the occasion.

We realise Mr. Bush has a stressful job. This latest budget
process was certainly anything but easy and maybe he feels a sense of catharsis
to have a go at the press shielded within the legally protected confines of the
Legislative Assembly.

However, there is this point: No matter how long the premier
carries on or how loud he yells during his unbecoming political temper tantrum,
Cayman’s current budget problems are ongoing and very real. How he intends to
solve these problems by howling at the opposition party, independent MLAs and
the members of the Islands’ free press, we aren’t sure, but we hope he feels

We can only hope that after his vigorous and colourful
defence of himself, Mr. Bush can concentrate on devising a way out of the
current budget crisis, something his government has done little to alleviate
during three-plus years in power. 

If he thinks his ranting is going to silence this
publication or take our focus off the real issues, he is mistaken. We care
little about the premier criticising us because we disagree with him. Until the
government stops with its smoke-and-mirrors approach to dealing with public
finances, we will continue to point out its failings, whether the premier
thinks we have the standing to do it or not.



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