Christian radio station temporarily off air

Contemporary Christian radio station Big Fish 95.5 is not broadcasting at the moment after a lighting strike knocked out its equipment in Newlands on Tuesday. 

Pamela Norton told the Compass that the strike was powerful and had overpowered grounding capabilities for the station, which had been on air since April. 

“Our technicians are working on getting us back on the air – we most likely will be running strictly the satellite programming without any local content for a few days – but at least we are back on the air,” she said. 

Repairing equipment 

Ms. Norton said it was possible that equipment could be repaired quickly and asked listeners to bear with the station, which she said will be “back on track as soon as possible”. 

“To all the listeners, thank you for tuning in and for all the positive feed back we have received. We are working diligently to get us back on track with local content and great music – in the mean time please stay locked in to 95.5 and feel free to send us your comments,” said Ms. Norton. 


Listeners may contact Ms Norton at 940-1082 with queries. 

BigFish xmitter

Big Fish radio’s transmitter was struck by lightning, but engineers are working on the problem. – Photo: Submitted


  1. This is what we need, a good contemporary station and they are doing a good job. Hope they are back on air soon. Regarding the comment from bi berd, i guess he doesn’t know that innocent people are also killed for the sins of the wicked. Was Jesus nailed to the cross because he committed sins?

  2. Well, Jesus DID commit sins. Read your bible GEC

    He slept with prostitutes as well.

    But since we are generalizing.

    Maybe it’s the radio station that’s innocent, and the listeners are …..never mind.

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