DJ Alexi brings grooves, news

Cayman sensation DJ Alexi can be found all over the place these days. Weekender caught up with the disc spinner and threw a load of questions at him. He caught them, and chucked some replies back at us. We dropped them in a puddle and they got all smudged up. Then we cried a bit. Then we had a lollipop and the world was all better again.

What inspired you to get behind the decks in the first place?

My brother used to spin years ago here in Cayman, I always from an early age would spend all my money on music, music, and more music. So when it came time for my brother to move on from Cayman, he thought why don’t I take over his gigs, so I did. I mean I definitely had the music for it, just had to teach myself how to beat match and I did, and the rest is beautiful musical history.

Where are you from originally and how did you end up here?

I’m hailing from the beautiful, multicultural TDot, or Toronto, man I love that city. The people, the nightlife, the food – the food was actually what really inspired me to travel, as I went to school to become a chef, and cook internationally, which brought me to the Caymans, always a job in the Cayman Islands for a chef.

How would you describe your style?

I love this question, cause I like to say, “Music is my style” which means anything you can shake yo ass to, I have no musical prejudices, okay maybe one – Mongolian throat singing.

Can you describe the feeling of getting a crowd jumping about?

Well picture a wave of enthusiastic people from one end of the room to the other all spiritually connected to each sound wave jumping from one person to the next like little fun bolts, and I’m the guy who’s creating those fun bolts, yeah click my heels three times, somebody pinch me, is this real?? That’s how it feels for real.

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor gigs?

Outdoor for the pure pleasure of being connected to nature while dropping beats not bombs, but indoors for that intimate four walls cozy feel, hmm it’s a toss up really, can I say both?

What are the floor fillers that drive Cayman wild?

That changes alot, but lately …

A Trak & Dillon Francis “Money Makin” (45 King Bonus Beats remix)

Florence and the Machine “Spectrum” (Say My Name) – (Calvin Harris remix)

Wanklemut “One Day” (Wanklemut club remix)

Sharam Jey “Money Right” (original mix)

J Roc (Soul’d Out DJs) “Brown Eyed Booty” (Original)

These have all one way or another made people throw some serious shapes on the dance floor.

Where can we see you in action?

Once a month at Abacus for Exclusive Grooves; every Thursday for UnderGROUND Thursdays at The Living Room; every Friday at Elements Air Bar for Get Spanked; every Saturday for SoundBox all day Ibiza/Miami style beach party offering (the venue changes weekly between Royal Palms, Tiki Beach and Gecko Beach.)

You can follow Alexi Kapetaneas on Facebook for more information.

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