Givinz’ delivery is lightning sharp

Caymanian Dwayne Givinz McLaughlin has been making quite a splash with a recent poem he wrote, shot a video for and delivered with alarmingly accurate precision. 

The topic of the rousing piece is initiative and how people can only make the change they want to see if they do something. He explained what he was trying to communicate through artistry in detail. 

“I was just basically talking to people in the community and pointing out that many times we want change but don’t want to do anything,” he exclaims, while making it clear that though the poem touches on the recent “one man, one vote” referendum in the Cayman Islands, it was not his hope in any way, shape or form to be overtly political. 

“I am not supporting one side or the other really. I am for moving ahead and which ever side does that, more power to them,” he says. 

He says that he had only been doing poetry a short time but intended to get involved with Floetry, which is one of the local organisations that gives poets a forum and audience to interact with around the interest of written and spoken word. 

“I just started out with the poetry, but as people may know, I have been singing and dabbling in music for some time now. I also write and produce songs, as well as shoot videos.” 

The video that accompanies Dwayne’s poem was produced by him. It can be seen at or by searching for Emerge Ft. Givinz on YouTube.  

He is pleased to report that responses to the poem were good, adding that, “It seems like there is hope among the youth. 

“Additionally, my friends and family have always been very supportive of what I do and that is very encouraging.” 

With regard to what his larger vision encompasses in relation to poetry, the young man explains, “I was looking for something to get involved with such as poetry and though there are not many avenues to pursue it in the Cayman Islands, the Internet is a valuable resource. Having said that, I think that poetry and the arts in general should get more profile.” 

Dwayne is working on a series of short videos for what he referred to as a DVD mix tape with his songs. 

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