We love both kinds of music: country and western


Tuesdays are never going to be the same at the Country & Western Bar, Red Bay – which is next to the Lions Centre, of course. 

That’s cause there’s a new show, Krazy Karaoke, from 8pm every week. It’s hosted by The Just For Fun Karaoke Duo, which is the famous Burmon Scott of the Los Tropicanos Band (plays at the Royal Palms and other locations throughout the island) and his sister, Marva. 

So, Burmon, pardner – tell us more now y’hear? 

“There are over 90,000 songs to choose from consisting of Country & Western, Pop, Reggae, Latin and much more. The Guest Artist for the week is Cayman’s own Elvis.
“Country and Western music has had a strong influence over the years and the Country & Western Bar is now featuring country standards in their karaoke repertoire for Country music lovers of all ages,” he says. 

Fair enough, buddy. What are the most popular songs? 

“The most requested Country songs are Picture, Strawberry Wine and Here in The Real World,” explains Burmon. 

“Singers will often ask to sing songs by George Jones, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and we get lots of requests for Bob Marley, Selena and Shakira.” 


Breathe, darn it 

So if we wanted to get up there and strut our stuff, are there any hints you can give an aspiring karaoke singer? 

“Tips to help singers enhance their voice and feel more confident in front of the crowd are practice proper breathing techniques, warm up properly, relax and mix and match songs instead of sticking to their favourite songs every week, be confident and practice, practice, practice!” 

We hear ya. And we also hear ya when you tell us that anyone wanting to turn up in costume or dress up for the occasion are more than welcome. Weekender’s also pleased to note that there are happy hour drink specials all night and ‘a special karaoke drink’ will be introduced. There are also plans for special surprises for singers and even a forthcoming karaoke competition. Be assured that as soon as we know about it, we’ll tell you guys as fast as a runaway hoss at a rodeo. 


Contact [email protected] for more information. 

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