Police search for Cuban escapees

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Authorities in Grand Cayman are searching for two Cuban migrants who escaped Saturday afternoon from the immigration detention centre in George Town.

Shortly after 3pm, Pedro Luis Diaz Cruz, 30, and Carlos Ramon Maria Gomez, 18, are reported to have escaped from the government facility on Fairbanks Road, according to a news release issued by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

As of press time Sunday, no further information was immediately available.

Police are urging the public to contact authorities at 949-4222 and provide them with the time and location of where the men were last seen.

The government detention centre is a low-security holding facility and, generally, the Cuban migrants kept there are not thought to be dangerous. However, over the years the facility has seen a number of escapes. On one occasion, the facility agreed to let a group of migrants leave custody there for the day, as long as they returned to the centre before dark.

In May, four men fled the immigration detention centre while they were awaiting repatriation to Cuba after arriving in the Cayman Islands as part of a group of 28 people who illegally landed on the Sister Island of Cayman Brac the previous month.

All were later apprehended and returned to custody.

Illegally landing in Cayman is a crime and the Immigration Department usually deals with such offenders through a repatriation agreement called a Memorandum of Understanding signed with Cuba more than a decade ago.

Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez

Pedro Cruz

Pedro Cruz

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  1. The detention centre is very secured. That is not the problem. The Cubans get cell phone calls to families in USA and money sent to them by their families in USA, and of course then they have lots of money to do what they want. Money walk, nobody talk. 95% of Cubans who escape Cuba has a criminal record. This information is not checked by the Immigration department here. Take this advice from someone who knows.

  2. Where is all this pious Christian charity that I read about that is the standard in the Caymans? Taking refugees and putting them into prison with the goal to return them to Cuba isn’t very charitable, is it?

    Why doesn’t the government take steps to resettle these refugees into some other country rather than return them to a possible prison sentence in Cuba.

    Shame, shame, shame. Now go and concentrate on something truly important, such as liquor sales law and increasing tax duties on important to sustain ever increasing pension and civil servant costs.