Deputy governor honours go to principal

The first winner of the new deputy governor’s award has been announced.  

On Friday, 28 September at the John Gray High School Assembly Hall in George Town, Principal Lyneth Monteith was the given the Deputy Governor’s Award. 

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, who is also the head of the Cayman Islands Civil Service; as well as Chief Officer of the Portfolio of Civil Service Gloria McField-Nixon; Chief Officer of the Ministry of Education Mary Rodrigues and Chief Education Officer Shirley Wahler were present at the assembly to honour Ms Monteith. 

“It was with great pleasure that I was able to congratulate Ms Lyneth Monteith for being the first Civil Servant to be recognised as the Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month – August 2012,” Mr. Manderson said. “The Deputy Governor’s Award programme was developed as an internal award scheme to recognise civil servants who exceed our expectations. 

“Ms Monteith has held a variety of leadership roles in secondary schools before her appointment as principal of the John Gray High School. She has proven herself to be a committed, caring and fair leader. Ms Monteith’s consistent, positive, careful and prudent management is demonstrated through the steady growth and improvement of the John Gray High School and the positive development of the students.”  

Mrs. Rodrigues – a long-time teacher and school administrator – said she was pleased that the first candidate for the awards scheme was a school principal. “Ms Monteith is a shining example of a hardworking, dedicated civil servant and she is a true servant leader,” she said.  

Ms Monteith said she was surprised by the honour.  

“I knew that I wanted to be a teacher from a very young age and I had an excellent role model in my mother, who drove my passion and dedication for my job,” she said. 

The deputy governor’s accolades are an internal reward scheme for civil servants, who will be nominated within their departments on a 
monthly basis. 

DG award

Pictured from left are Chief Officer for the Portfolio of the Civil Service Gloria McField-Nixon; Chief Education Officer Shirley Wahler; Senior Schools Improvement Officer Roger Morris; Principal of John Gray High School Lyneth Monteith; Deputy Governor Franz Manderson and Chief Officer of the Ministry of Education Mary Rodrigues. – Photo: Submitted


  1. May we know who nominates, who constitutes the panel, and the criteria for this award? And whether there may be months when no civil servant is considered worthy of the award?
    Perhaps it would be more transparent, and hence worthwhile, if the Public Service Commission, or an independent panel including non civil servants, were involved?

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