Scary night for GT resident

A George Town resident awoke just before midnight Monday to find an unknown man entering the bedroom.

Police said the suspect was armed with a knife and asked for cash, then searched the room – taking three wrist-watches, a tool kit and a bag that contained some bank cards.

The break-in happened on Spring Lane near Bodden Road, located between Eastern Avenue and the George Town waterfront.

There was no physical contact with the victim and the suspect got away from the scene on foot, police said.

The intruder is described as approximately 6ft tall, light skinned, wearing three-quarter length light brown pants. He had a grey cloth/shirt covering his face.

RCIPS Detective Constable Marcia Myles asked for anyone who has any information to contact the police criminal investigation department.

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If any person is approached to purchase the described stolen items, they are asked to contact the police. Specifically, those items included two white ‘Guess’ watches, a Bulova Gold and Silver watch, a ‘Crescent’ tool kit and a cream bag containing bank cards.

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  1. BAM……smoking hand gun

    There…problem solved.

    And just saved the government 40 thousand dollars a year, and a free bed just opened up.

    You don’t have to use it if you have one, but the choice is yours. Right now, these people could have been a statistic. And all we would have said is, oh well, glad it wasn’t me.

    Something’s not right with that willingness we are forced to endure, to accept the criminals decision and not our own.

  2. I have friends in South Sound this has happened to….know of 2….3 guys woke up to find all their wallets gone …came through open window….same thing with a young lady…came through window….boyfriend came home found the front door open….all electronics her wallet jewelry gone….when I first came to Cayman it was not like this….sad…

  3. Why is hand gun ownership in your own home, ludicrous?

    I honestly don’t understand that.

    You or the government should not have the right to tell me, I can or cannot own a firearm in my own home. It’s my home!

    Okay, if you want to be up the safety of firearm ownship. Make it manditory for class, you cannot exit your house with said firearm, unless it’s in a lock box, with trigger guard and in your trunk. And it must be on designated roads to the quickest route to a repair shop, firing range, or police station. Any and all other roads, not marked out on a map that you get with your license for gun ownership is an immediate 5 years in jail.

    And finally you cannot own a hand gun with any serious criminal offense.

    What is the problem here?

    If you don’t want to own a gun, and leave your life up to the person who breaks into your home. That’s up to you.

    But why should you or government dictate how I live or die, in that situation?

    Remember, when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

  4. Big berd

    I agree with you comments about owning a hand gun.

    I’m considering buying a samurai sword, poison arrow darts, hand gun, an elephant gun, an uzzi, hand grenades, rocket launchers and nuclear warhead in order to protect my home.

    After all, the government should have no right to tell me how to live in my home. If I’m in danger I want to deal with the situation straight away, forget about having the police deal with it – I want retribution now (sarcasm here in case anyone is a bit slow today).

    Best alarm system on island? A well trained dog.

  5. Well why not get a Robot as well.

    As I stated, when seconds count, the police are minutes away. What don’t you understand about that?

    The problem with anti gun nuts is, when a robbery takes place. If the anti gun nut is not harmed. They gloat how the idea of a gunless world is great. Even if the person being robbed was robbed at gun point, and the perp let them live.Ignoring the fact, that guns that are outlawed, are not outlawed to the criminals. Criminals don’t follow laws.

    But when the anti gun nut dies from that same robbery. Because he was shot to death. Well, they aren’t alive anymore, to change their minds about gun ownership.

    When you get robbed, your wife and kids get raped, all your hard earned stuff is taken, and you are forced to watch it. while you let the police handle it.

    Then come back and tell me, you only want to protect yourself with an alarm system, that is only as good as there is electricity. Funny how we have so many power outages, guess your alarm will work then too huh?

    But i can guarantee you, a gun works in the dark, and low light conditions, as well as when the lights are on.

    And it solves the problem, if you use it right. No more robberies from that person, ever again.

    And if you don’t want to use it, and take your chances with the guy robbing you. At least you have a choice.

    Right now, you have no choice. Hows that democracy and freedom working for ya?

  6. Democracy is working just fine for me thank you very much!

    Give the public the right to bare arms and shootings during burglaries will go up. This is due to the criminals adapting to the law and presuming the household has a gun which they would be prepared to use. Shootings and subsequently deaths would go up as people would be trigger happy.

    Personally, I care about human life. I’d like to think I would not have what it takes to take the life of someone else. If the situation took place I would like to think I would use everything in my power to contain the individual until the authorities come to take them away. If they are convicted and sent to jail, understand jail isn’t designed to be a stop gap for a criminal, but it is designed to be a rehabilitation system to get the individual out of a life of crime.

    Sure I might get a few good shots in, they might even get one over me and beat me up. Point is after the event we will still both be breathing. Nothing has given me the right to take the life of another.

    And please, do not bring the potential rape of a woman or child into this. You know this is extremely rare as the thief just wants to take your possessions and leave. I’m not disputing there are extremely unfortunate incidents where this does happen, but using this as a basis to permit gun ownership – permit members of the public to own an instrument whose main purpose is to take the life of someone, and you will soon find unfortunate incidents like the one this article mentions will not have such a happy ending.

  7. How can jail be considered a rehabilitation center. You really are serious, aren’t you?

    When the person gets out of jail, he has a record. And unless the company doesn’t do criminal back ground checks. This person is now unemployable to good income paying jobs.

    So tell me how jail is a rehabilitation center in your mind?

    All jails do is incarcerate the person for their crimes. Because the person, now has a record. It just makes the problem worse. They are now unemployable, with no job, or can get a job that does not pay enough. And the person eventually goes right back to burglaries, robberies and everything else.

    Until the person keeps getting sent back to prison, and stays so long into the penitentiary system, that when they get out. They commit crimes on purpose, so they can get sent right back in. Because they have been institutionalized. It’s eventually the only home they know.

    That is reality.

    So how do you stop the cycle? You end it. Quick!

    It also serves as a lesson to others, thinking of doing the same line of work.

    Or as you are concerned. You can idly sit by and watch your items fly out the door, right past you, as they say excuse me, and pardon me, do you mind if I take this.

    I really see no logic in your reasoning.

  8. Justanotherperson…

    You have some really noble and high-moral principles about yourself and there is much to be said for that.

    I just hope that you never have them tested by some of the freaks of nature out there who would laughingly challende them, at the risk or yours…and especially your family’s lives…

    I think you might come out on the losing end…and if not even for yourself…

    That would be a great tragedy for your family…to not have someone who would do ANYTHING to protect and defend them.

  9. Well, Big Berd…

    A British judge just gave a lot of cedibility to your argument…and solution.

    Some weeks ago 4 burglars broke into the home of a rural farmer…who happened to own a legal shotgun.

    Said farmer and his dearly beloved wife woke up to hear noises and rummaging in their home, which scared them mightily.

    Said farmer then proceeded to grab his shotgun and shot 2 of these 4 burglers are off…no hesitation on his part.

    The presiding judge in the case brought against the 4 burglers told them that ‘being shot is a chance you take when you choose to burgle the house of someone who owns a legal firearm’…end of.

    And…the farmer was not charged with any crime…btw.

  10. We’re going to end up agreeing to disagreeing – let me get one last point in:

    It’s the governments responsibility to make the law so society can live peacefully:

    It’s the polices resposibility to catch someone who they believe is in violation of the law

    It’s the courts/judges responsibility to determine if a law has been broken and if so to determine the suitable punishment:

    It’s the prisons responsibility to restrict some specified basic human rights of the inmate for a period of time determined by the judge. The rehabilitation comes from the lack of these rights as well as learning a trade or two (woodshop, cooking etc.) inside:

    In my opinion, these points are not working. But as a society (and over thousands of years of trial and error), this has been shown to be the most effective way of controlling society (most effective – not perfect).

    My point is the judge should be the person to decide what punishment any criminal gets. You have a right to protect yourself with appropriate force from perceived danger (there is a lot of leeway in appropriate), but as a member of the public I should not have the right to determine if someone lives or dies.

  11. And that is exactly what I am saying.

    If you are a law abiding citizen,and agree to keep the firearm in your home.

    Why cant anyone by law, be able to defend yourself.

    You should absolutely have the right to bare arms in your own home.

    Throw the key away if you get caught outside of your home with the gun. I could care less about that person. If you can’t follow the rules, you don’t deserve the privilege of being able to defend your home, with a gun.

    But for those of us that can follow the rules. Why are we being denied the freedom to protect ourselves?

    Who are we a threat to? No one, except the person who breaks into our homes.

    And if you think gun crime will rise. Obviously, this is a criminal. And isn’t legally allowed to have a gun in the first place

    So I don’t see the correlation between legal gun ownership and crime.

    And any law abiding citizen that is going to commit a crime with a gun, is easily going to do it with a machete or other instrument. Are we now banning kitchen knives now too?

  12. Justanotherperson

    So, the person that breaks into your home, with a weapon of any sorts.

    You think he’s thinks like you?

    You think he’s going to let the judge decide your punishment. And what that criminal is going to do to you, at that moment.

    Think again. The criminal decides. And the government has decided that your rights are beneath the criminals rights. And that perpetrator can do what ever he wants with you and your family. At that moment.

    The government cannot solve everything. And in cases like home invasion. It absolutely cannot prevent it, nor can the police. The only thing that can prevent home invasions are deterrents. Deterrents that work, day or night. Are not bias. And the outcome is always the same, a warning to others who think about doing the same thing as the last guy did, who will never do it again.

    I certainly don’t ever want to kill someone.

    But no one has the right to come in my home, with intent to harm me or my family, or steal from them as well. No one has that right. But there are people out there, that believe they do have that right. And they will do it, with force if they have to.

    And if a gun is the only way to show them, that is not how you are supposed to behave. And there are serious reprocussions to those actions. Then, so be it.

    And if I have a gun, and I never have to use it. That would make me the happiest person, knowing I never had a break in.
    I would pass it down to my son, with the words. I hope you never have to use this.

    Home invasions are as bad as rape. They should never ever happen. When you get your home broken into. You never sleep the same again. Your trust is gone. You have been violated. You are always worried it’s going to happen again.

    No one should feel unsafe in their homes. That home is your safety place from all bad things that go on in your life. Why are you promoting the destruction of it, by not allowing others to protects its value, obviously more than you do.

  13. big berd
    You make some good points but guns are notoriously hard to shoot straight, especially in circumstances as nerve-jangling as a middle of the night break-in.

    You may have read the case of Oct 1 where a man shot dead his own son thinking he was a burglar.

    A shot gun is much better as the broad scatter of the shot gives you a better chance of hitting someone and is less likely to be fatal.

    A high power pepper spray would be just as effective a deterrent and non lethal.

    As you correctly say, the chances of the police catching the burglar is low and there is zero chance of them catching him in the act because you would not be able to phone them in time?

  14. longtermresident.

    That father’s son, broke into his aunts house with a ski mask on! The kid was robbing his own aunt!

    So, no fault of the fathers. And I could easily find the same type of stories and death by bat/knife/metal object. The lesson here, isn’t the point, that the kid got shot. The lesson of that story is DONT BREAK INTO HOMES.

    And as for your idea.

    Sure. Shotgun. Im all for that too.

    The purpose of a gun is not to try and kill everyone that you see

    The purpose of a gun is so you don’t have to kill anyone.

    Guns have the one universal truth. No one wants to be shot by one.

    You think if the US did not have nuclear weapons, that no country would attack them. Of course they would. The nuclear weapons keep the US safe, because they have them, the big stick threat.

    Well, look at a gun, in the home as your nuclear weapon. When the person who wants to do you harm, knows you have one. Hes a lot less likely to come into your home and do you harm.
    Usually, creeps like that. Go for easier targets. Like the anti gun people. Because they know, that breaking into that house, is safe. Because there are no guns.

    And that is what is happening now. These guys know 98% of the people in Cayman are not armed. Arm your citizens in their homes, and you watch burglaries go down to near zero.

  15. big berd
    Actually in my home in Florida I have taken the concealed weapon permit tests.

    I own there a powerful gun that I can load with both shotgun shells and 45mm. So get the best of both worlds.

    Realistically, laudable though your ideas are, I doubt the Cayman legislature will approve of gun ownership for everyone.

    Let’s press for shot guns and pepper spray as a fall back.

  16. We’re going to end up agreeing to disagree – let me get one last point in:

    It’s the governments responsibility to make the law so society can live peacefully:

    It’s the polices resposibility to catch someone who they believe is in violation of the law

    It’s the courts/judges responsibility to determine if a law has been broken and if so to determine the suitable punishment


    I have a real problem with people who think like you do, a lack of responsibility to accept responsibility for ANYTHING, especially the safety of their family and themselves.

    What world and society are you living in ?

    Certainly not the one that the rest of us are, by these above quoted comments.

    Yes, to some degree there is truth in what you say but what about YOUR responsibilities to prevent danger and risk in your own life and to do what is necessary to protect that life…and those who depend on you ?

    Stopping someone from hurting or harming yourself…and your loved ones is not punishment…

    It is the law of self-preservation.

    Even pet dogs will attack anyone harming their owners because it is a NATURAL instinct to defend and protect those you love from harm and danger.

    IMO, anyone who surrenders that natural instinct have gone against the very laws of nature itself.

    In the neighbourhood where I live, everyone knows that they had better not be attempting to break into MY house..or harm me or mine in any other way either…and believe me, there are people who would if they thought that they would suffer no resistance or consequences.

  17. Oh… so funny…

    Ignorant Americans that still think putting a gun in everyones hand is the solution to the problems of the world 🙂

    While we are at it, let’s legelize drugs and sell them at every street corner, that way there won’t be anymore drug related crimes… right ?

    Stupid doesn’t even cover it!

  18. Uhh pebbles. First off, why do you assume anyone with common sense about gun ownership, is American.

    Second, If you legalized drugs. Then there would be no more drug crime. Because drugs would be legal now. According to your idea.

    For your last point…all I can say is……YEEEEEEEEP.

  19. Pebbles

    You’re so self-contradictory…and out-of-touch with reality here, that its downright scary !

    You’re criticising Big Berd for his views that gun-possession for the ordinary law-abiding citizen acts as a deterrant to violent crime…

    While criticising the police for not being on the scene of an armed robbery as it was happening…what other options do the police have except to investigate and arrest and charge suspects after the crime ?

    The police are not clairvoyant…they have no crystal ball to tell them exactly where and when the next crime will happen BEFOREHAND, so that they can be on hand to effect an arrest immediately…as should happen, in your perfect little world.

    And with your resistance to gun possession, would you object if the POLICE had guns to shoot these robbers with, in the act of their crime, should they catch them while they’re at it and violently resisted arrest, as armed criminals usually do ?

    After all, the robbers are armed, are they not ?

    How would you suggest that unarmed police conduct an arrest of armed suspects, then ?

    And you would expect justice from such uneven odds ?

    Your reasoning makes a grown man shake his head in perplexion, to be honest !

  20. Clairvoyant LOL.

    Love it.

    Anti gun nuts, usually turn into pro gun advocates when they lose something really valuable, like loved ones, or get raped or beaten nearly to death, by someone wielding a gun. During a home invasion.

    It takes something like that, to make them see the light. Smarter people understand the issue, it doesn’t have to happen to them, for them to see common sense.

    Police should have firearms. Most of them. If it pertains to safety in their jobs.

    I am very proud of our RCIP who are unarmed and they confront armed suspects. Alot of our boys must clang when they walk, cause their privates must be made out of huge brass.

    People like pebbles wallow in stupidity. It’s fine. Ignorance is bliss.

    But if you cannot defend yourself properly, and your family. By law. Then the government is not for the people. It is against the people. It is siding with the criminals.

    As far as I am concerned. As soon as you break into someone elses home. You forfeit your right to life. And the owner should be able to use enough force, to make sure that happens.

    So it never happens again. Anyone that disagrees obviously sides with the criminal. Or is a criminal.

  21. Boy, big berd, you talk big. I have found that it is the other way around. People become anti-gun after encounters. I know this because it happened to me. I feel much safer here in Cayman than I did when I lived in Omahaor any other part of the US I lived in. Very, very few people have guns here and that makes this a safe place. Is it perfect? Of course not but is certainly is much better than other places where everyone gets a gun on their 8th birthday.

    ps: Did you know a knife is far more effective than a gun in close quarters (like a house or apartment)?

    pps: From the sounds of it you obviously haven’t been forced to make the decision to kill someone. It’s not a feeling of o, I just saved the government money, trust me. There are a lot of lingering questions and it wreaks havoc psychologically.

  22. Firery…

    Of course I have no problem with the police having guns, I think the RCIPS should be armed and shooting!
    But there is a big difference between putting guns in the hands of people that are trained to do so and just opening up gun ownership to everyone who would like to have one!
    If guns are freely available with the lame excuse of needing a ‘permit’, who will be the first people to buy them you think?

  23. Well pebbles. You really amaze me with your insight. So I will answer your question.

    the first ones lining up for guns will not be the criminals.

    With a permit, you must also register your gun, that means serial number. Your name, where you live. With ID shown upon registration.

    That gun then can be forensically traced back to the owner with bullet casings and bullets used.

    So you see, pebbles. Criminals won’t be the ones lining up getting gun permits to buy guns. THEY ARE ALREADY BUYING THEM CHEAPER ON THE BLACK MARKET, THAN YOU CAN GET IN THE STORES.

    But it’s okay pebbles. There are just some of us, that really close our eyes and argue, for the sake of arguing. Without really thinking about what they are saying first.

    How about you throw something else out there. When answering your questions, I just put my brain on energy savings. I love your questions.