Scuba diving sites going digital

A new website has gone online which will give divers more information about the underwater world. 

IDive’s first location is the Cayman Islands and, in a news release, the company said its goal was to emphasise the local beauty while delivering high quality underwater footage and plenty of information to enable potential divers to 
select their preferred dive spot. 

“Each video is narrated by local dive masters giving you all the appropriate facts and opinions that many other informational sites lack. What IDive offers that no other sites offer is personality,” the release read.  

“IDive is currently focusing on its prime location, the Cayman Islands. What this entails exactly is local people, local advertisers all giving you, as the user, the most relevant and island friendly information.” 

The intent is to change how tourists view their trip planning experience. A mobile application launches in October. 

Joe Shooman dives from boat

Rather than just jumping in willy-nilly, you can now plan your dive experience online. – Photo: File


  1. is a great new scuba diving tool. They have been very active in the cayman community, sponsoring our DIP under water video contest, and showcasing all the local dive operators on the site. Cayman has been my home for the last 10 years, ( minus my roll over) and through out that time I have looked for ways to show people this island and what it has to offer, idive is perfect for that..

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