Editorial for 05 October: Money well spent on Brac

As the old adage goes – you have to spend money to make

Nothing could be closer to the truth when it comes to
Charles Kirkconnell International Airport in Cayman Brac.

That’s where $2.5 million is slated to give the facility a
much-needed facelift.

And, we’re happy to report, a construction company from the
Brac has been given the contract to do the preliminary work.

Hopefully they’ll use local labour, giving jobs to those who
have been suffering from a lacklustre economy.

When all is finished, the airport will have a larger
departure lounge, a bigger ticketing hall and a place to sit down and order a

Our national carrier, Cayman Airways, and the security
service will also get office spaces. A VIP lounge is also on offer.

It is hoped that these changes will lure more airlines to
travel to Cayman Brac, bringing with them tourists with enough disposable
income to bolster the Island’s economy.

Already Cayman Airways is flying a direct flight from Miami
to Cayman Brac. With improved and larger facilities more carriers could be
enticed to make Cayman Brac a destination before or after landing in Grand

The possibilities are endless.

With more tourist traffic on the Brac the hotels there could
be assured of more bookings and we could even begin to see development of other
hotels and resorts to accommodate the masses.

Again, this would provide jobs for Brackers and, if
required, labour for those without jobs in Grand Cayman.

The knock-on effect would mean more businesses, not just for
hotels, but restaurants, bars and retailers.

While the Caymanian Compass continues to encourage
government to curb its spending to get the territory’s budget under control, we
think the Cayman Islands Airports Authority is wise to be investing in improving
the airport on the Brac.



  1. Way to go for Cayman Brac. Indeed a very wise investment which will bring huge returns for all the positive reasons stated in the Editorial.

    Airports are the first port of call when traveling by air and as such they should be adequately equipped to facilitate and cope with those landing there – especially visitors. A modern, state-of-the-art airport is a positive lasting impression for tourists, business people and the like.

    It is also good news that a construction company from the Brac has been given the contract to do preliminary work. It is hoped that local labour will be hired for the construction, which will contribute to the Brac’s economy.

    I hope to make my very first visit there when the project is completed.

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