TeleCayman will be smashing again

The TeleCayman Team Squash League returns this week and promises to be an competitive and entertaining as in previous seasons.

It starts at the squash club on South Sound Road on Thursday 11 October at 7.15pm. Each week players face someone new until the final playoff week.

As an extra incentive in the league, any team that does not use a sub and plays their team as on the scheduled player list will gain five bonus points.

Team Sotheby’s International Realty have their on the coveted TeleCayman Team League trophy for the past two seasons as champions, so they are the team most want to beat. The format is eight teams and a round robin.

Organiser Amanda Stark is the South Sound Squash Club manager. She said: “All players are to be present and on time as we are playing back to back matches on the same court and we need assistance with refereeing each tie. Each team must supply one player to help ref and mark for each match.

“Each team is responsible for filling their own positions each week. If unable to play, the team captain must notify the opposing team captain and me and either find a sub to fill in or arrange another time to complete the match.

“I look forward to seeing all the players behind court 2 to kick things off.”

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