A glimpse of Clifton Hunter

A tour of the new Clifton Hunter High School campus in Frank Sound that has been promised to the Caymanian Compass for several weeks still hasn’t taken place, but the Compass got a glimpse during the 2014 North, Central America and 
Caribbean Volleyball Confederation World Championship Men’s First Round Qualifier, which took place over the weekend.  

The grounds include several buildings dedicated to specific areas such as the performing arts building and the Lady Slater Learning Centre. 

Among the notable features on the grounds are basketball courts, a football field and a bus depot. The pool, which is outdoors, offers wheelchair access and is found at the back of the Sports Centre.  

The Sports Centre itself resembles an arena, with large steps leading up to the main entrance and a dedicated parking area. A ticket and concession booth is located outside the main entrance. 

Around the campus, there was a substantial amount of maintenance being done, including electrical lighting work and the erection of signs. There was an electrical short midway through the second set of Cayman’s playoff match against Aruba on Sunday. The Sports Centre only lost power momentarily, but the lights needed five minutes to return to full brightness. 

While the Compass still hasn’t had an official tour of the facility, a tour that included Government Information Services, Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor and several government ministers and officials took place on 3 October. 

A release from the Ministry of Education noted that a third tour is now slated so that “all elected officials are able to see the school.” It is unknown whether the press will be privy to that tour. 

Regarding Wednesday’s tour, Education Minister Rolston Anglin said, “It was important for me to share the experience of the new Clifton Hunter campus with my elected colleagues, as well as his excellency the governor, the deputy governor and other civil servants. My ministry worked exceptionally hard to complete the school over the past three years. There were some very challenging times but we persevered. I am delighted to that we were able to deliver this school for the start of the school year and can now celebrate the fact that such incredible facilities are now available for our children and community to enjoy. Our next mission will be the completion of a new John Gray campus.” 

The Clifton Hunter High School opened its doors to its first students in September. Ministry of Education officials said Clifton Hunter Principal Pauline Beckford said the students “love everything about the new campus”. 

Some of the main goals for the school going forward, as outlined by the principal are instilling a positive attitude to learning and behaviour, students feeling proud of their school and uniform, to embed consistency in everything they do, to continue to improve on literacy and numeracy at both key stages, to involve the community through a vibrant Parent Teacher’s Association and to be a reflective community of learners always striving to improve. She is also looking forward to developing Clifton Hunter High School as a centre of excellence for the performing arts, which would support students in all 
government schools. 

Clifton Hunter pool

The pool will allow for wheelchair access. – PHOTO: MATTHEW YATES

Clifton Hunter sign

The Clifton Hunter campus is unlike anything else in Cayman. – PHOTO: MATTHEW YATES

Clifton Hunter LA members et al

Members of the Legislative Assembly along with Ministry of Education officials, senior civil servants and Clifton Hunter High School staff and students. – Photo: Submitted

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