International Underwater Film Festival schedule announced

Once again, the International Underwater Film Festival in Grand Cayman will delight ocean-enthusiasts who gather for this once-a-year video celebration of the landscape, flora, fauna and experiences to be had under the waves. It is held in conjunction with the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame induction ceremony. 

Every year, the film festival line up shows a diverse mix of underwater videography, films and documentaries. For the first time, the festival will feature two short films from local videographers in addition to pieces by world renowned IMAX film maker Howard Hall, scuba hall of fame inductee Leslie Leaney and marine biologist Guy Harvey. 

The 2012 International Underwater Film Festival lineup includes: 


Cayman Odyssea by Frans DeBacker 

This is a short tribute to the rich underwater world of the Cayman Islands.The variety and abundance of marine life is breathtaking. 

Sea Net 1944 From Cayman Islands International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame by Leslie Leaney  

As the museum of the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame expands its collection of historical diving artefacts, volunteers continue research into the origins of equipment development. Historical Diving Society member Sid Macken recently located a WWII era short film by the SEA NET company of Los Angeles showing some of the equipment from the museum.  


Raja by Howard & Michele Hall  

Howard and Michele Hall were inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame in 2011, and due to a huge interest in their films, the Cayman Islands Tourism Association has secured a 5-minute short film for our festival this year.  

Fragile Cayman by Michael Maes 

Michael’s mission was to show viewers the beauty and versatility of the Cayman aquatic realm, educate them of its fragility and remind them of the “obligation” to protect this wonderful world for future generations. 


Guy Harvey’s Ocean Explorations by Dr. Guy Harvey 

From the cool waters of Nova Scotia to the Cayman Islands to the remote island of Cocos and 1000 feet below the surface, Guy Harvey presents an incredible adventure to discover the state of our oceans and the people who’ve dedicated their lives to the marine world.  


Silent Auction and Lobster Lotto 

The evening includes the Cayman Islands Tourism Association’s annual silent auction and the larger-than-life Lobster Lotto, where ‘every lobster’s a winner!’ This year, funds raised will support marine conservation efforts through the Guy Harvey Research Institute as well as diver safety initiatives that are important to the watersports sector of the association. 


Underwater Photo Competition 

The top three photos in each of the five categories (Cayman Wrecks, Turtles, Critters/Macro, Scenic, Creative) will be printed on canvas and displayed at the event for people to enjoy before the Film Festival and at Intermission.  

A Best in Show designation selected from the best photo in each category will also be announced.  


The International Underwater Film Festival is presented by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association and the Divers’ Alert Network. It will be held at Westin Casuarina’s Governor’s Ballrooms on Thursday, 8 November. Tickets are $25 and available from the association’s office, Cathy Church’s Photo Centre, Divetech, Don Fosters Dive and Red Sail Sports or online through the association’s website. 

grunts Cayman Islands

Cayman’s marine life is spectacular. – Photo: Submitted

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