KRyS Global launches suite of forensic tools

Corporate recovery and insolvency firm KRyS Global is expanding its services with the launch of Ferret, a line of technology-based solutions in the areas of fraud investigation and asset recovery.

“We are excited to be able to enhance the quality of products and services we provide. Ferret is an exclusive, electronic-based service that provides data mining and analytics, computer forensics, electronic discovery, and hosted litigation software solutions to clients,” said Kenneth Krys, founder and chief executive officer of KRyS Global. “These solutions can be employed on stand-alone projects or in conjunction with the other services KRyS Global offers to clients to provide a seamless product.”

The new offering comes in response to increased demand for technology-based solutions, Mr. Krys said.

“Fraud is ever evolving. That means we need to evolve as well. The shift of private banking and finance to integrate new technology such as smart phones, tablets, laptops or games consoles, as well as new ways to manage money online, has presented new opportunities to fraudsters and has massively complicated the task of fraud investigation. We realised if we were going to do our jobs better, we needed to have the tools to collect information and analyse it from these sources.”

Equipped with access to the latest state-of-the-art technology to investigate fraud and recover assets, the KRyS Global team, has the experience and qualifications to conduct the collection and analysis of computer based information extracted from PC’s, laptops, database servers, file servers and e-mail servers. Specific procedures to the legal requirement of the local court are followed to ensure the integrity and admissibility of any resultant evidence.

Heading up the team is Director Penny Cassell, who recently joined the KRyS Global Cayman and has 20 years experience in asset recovery and forensic assignments in both the private and public sectors. Her insights from working with forensic technology teams on criminal prosecution cases, regulatory matters and civil litigation will prove invaluable to the launch of Ferret services, Krys Global said.

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