Labour and Pensions examines Sister Islands operations

To keep a productive workforce in the Cayman Islands, employers and employees need to be aware of the Labour and Pensions Laws. The Department of Labour and Pensions believes that each individual in Cayman should be aware of the Labour (including occupational safety Regulations) and Pensions laws of the islands. 

In early summer, the department took a cohort of individuals to the Sister Islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman to increase staff’s outreach efforts in regard to safety and compliance with the Labour and Pensions Laws. The trip was an opportunity for senior officers in the head office in Grand Cayman to become familiar and form communication with the department’s satellite office, located in the Creek area on Cayman Brac.  

The trip took place over three days, beginning in Little Cayman, and then two days in Cayman Brac. While in the Sister Islands, the department’s delegation performed several familiarisation visits and preliminary inspections on worksites, shops, tourist accommodations and businesses. There was also a preliminary overview of all national workforce needs, as well as a check of safety compliance at all of the work sites. 

With each site visit, the department noted that throughout the Sister Islands there was a growing opportunity for more outreach programmes in terms of labour and pensions education, including programmes on compliance with the labour and pensions laws as well as safety awareness. The excursion also opened opportunities for the National Workforce Development Agency to work with the department in coordinating apprenticeship and work ready schemes for people to help fuel the Sister Islands’ economies. 

This official visit was done by senior members of staff, including Senior Labour Officer Gene Hydes, Senior Pensions Officer Bernard Ebanks, Manager of the NWDA Yoshneck Mutomba, and Director of Labour and Pensions Mario Ebanks. The visit was coordinated and hosted by Senior Labour Officer in the Sister Islands, Sandra Solomon.  

Commenting on the visit, Director Ebanks said, “There are unique circumstances and challenges in the Sister Islands in respect to Labour, Occupational Safety, and Pensions compliance, as well as workforce readiness and best practices in workplace relations. This visit will help inform the Department as it provides the Ministry of Employment with policy options for consideration, with a view to effecting timely and holistic solutions to these challenges.” 


Little Cayman District Officer Larry Foster, left, is seen with and Department of Labour and Pensions representatives. – Photo: Submitted

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