Eating well on a budget

Soaring retail prices on food necessitates a smart approach to how each family and person handles the challenge of how to eat well and with satisfaction at affordable prices.

Eating a sensible diet is documented as being one of the most important steps we can take to ensure health. This is for children as well as adults.

A basic understanding of what constitutes a healthy diet is step No. 1, and this includes weeding out the rather suspicious concepts and products that promise weight loss while limiting vital food groups – especially the commonly-blamed carbohydrate food group. It’s sad that people give up carbs for six months, lose 45 pounds, eat one slice of bread and the weight-gain cycle recommences.

The epidemic of obesity is attracting some strange and some ingenious methods for losing weight. Be aware of the glitz and glamour of fad diets; they are rarely sustainable and usually expensive.

Budgeting and eating vital and healthy food can be likened to an art form. With essential knowledge of what is healthy eating, the next step is to track down where you can buy these items and who’s offering the best price.

Smart shoppers in Cayman will most likely frequent all major supermarkets and their affiliate stores seeking good prices.

Simple tips to help you eat well while getting value for your money include:

Be prepared with a healthy shopping list and know who stocks your items at the best prices.

Check out the weekly supermarket specials.

Stock up on your healthy items when on sale.

Select the best-quality foods for your dollar. So many shelf products are limited or void of nutrition without consumer awareness.

Buy items in bulk that are storage sustainable.

Have a simple and healthy eating plan, adding in some special goodies or treats.

Purchase life-producing and supporting foods (real foods) first, check your cart and wallet before adding miscellaneous items, the “munchy” foods or your special treat items.

Become smart in the kitchen and become organised and able to pull together a complete healthy and delicious meal within minutes.

These days, I can easily put together a balanced meal for one for under $5. If you would like to receive a sample recipe from Lifestyles Under $5 Meal Collection or would like information on 
healthy eating, e-mail [email protected]

Donna Mitchell is a lifestyle consultant specialising in weight management and self-help.

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