Youth conference set for church

The Youth Ministry of First Assembly of God is planning a conference to inspire children in the community.

“Living Right in an Upside Down World” is set to take place this weekend, 12-13 October, at 7.30pm at First Assembly of God on Old Crewe Road in Grand Cayman.

Admission is free. There will be an offering taken both nights to bless the international musical artists visiting.

According to organisers, it will be a youth conference like no other with international and local artists such as TJCross, VMac, Baby C, Pauze Entertainment and Rapchure speaking to the youths through music, worship, ministry and drama.

Although all are welcome, the age group for the two-night conference is 10 to 18. Older adults are also invited as organisers are sure there is something to gain.

There’s not a set dress code. Youth meeting attire is fine; jeans, T-shirts, etc. If the youth don’t have that, they can come just as they are. They won’t be turned away.

On the first night of the conference there will be a teaser concert to get everyone excited, lots of praise and worship, drama presentations and God’s word with Youth Pastor Winslow Johnson.

The second night will be concert night, with the ministry coming through music, testimonies from various musical artists and a time for praise and worship.

Because the conference is from 7.30 to 9.30pm, everything will be held in the main church sanctuary and all age groups will be together to praise and worship.

“We felt that it was important to, first give our youth ministry an opportunity to showcase the talent of its members and to also allow the youth to have an opportunity to minister to their friends we found that, youth conferences are not just, times to fellowship but times that youth of ‘like faith’ can get together and help each other grow,” said Pastor Johnson. “Our main focus is a closer relationship with God; seeing other young people make decisions will help the youth, who attend know that they are not alone in whatever they are struggling with.”

Two of the main issues regarding our youth today is identity and addictions, Pastor Johnson said.

“Many of the youth of our society don’t really know who they are,” he said. “They are allowing others on television through music or singers or actors they admire to shape their personality and not really, ‘doing them’.”

“There are many forms of addiction taking place from drugs, food, sex, pleasure,” he said. “A growing number of our youth are using marijuana to self medicate; to drown away the stress of home and school. As we also know, from the many news reports, there are also growing numbers of obese children in our society. And the pleasure factor, if they are not doing it but just talking a big talk it is still distressing to listen to youth talk about their sexual escapades, as though they are grown married folk. Take away the BBM, PS3, Xbox, MP3’s, Facebook, television and what will we have? Young people not knowing what to do with the time on their hands. Where have all the hobbies gone?”

Originally from the Bahamas, Pastor Johnson has been involved with youth work for the past 18 years. He works with the youth at the First Assembly of God. He is also a recipient of the Governor Generals Youth Leadership Award 2003 in Freeport, Bahamas.

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